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    Oct 10

    Newly developed workshop by Sascha Ballach on the weekend of the 04.09.-05.09.2010 with subsequent 90-day individual coaching. An innovative combination of workshop and individual coaching, developed by NLP trainer and coach Sascha Ballach, helps participants to implement the own life goals and lyrically. Newspapers and magazines are full of reports about people who are unhappy in areas of life such as work, profession, relationships or even financial matters. Many of them are looking for help with seminars or consultants, which however often not noticeable or just short term change the personal situation. The limited impact of this assistance is often that, given as general proposals for changing one’s own situation, that are not feasible for everyone.

    In addition it is difficult many, to integrate the content learned in life. A few days after the workshop life has caught up again the participants and everything is the same. At this point, it is innovative, combined workshop-coaching concept “more life” by Sascha Ballach on. It consists of two parts. The first part discusses the theoretical concepts for the optimal transformation of one’s own life at the weekend the 04.09.-05.09.2010 on two workshop days.

    Here identifies the areas in which his own life does not run according to the wishes and dreams and objectives, what participants want to change. Also, it introduces the basic techniques of change work and the optimization of their own lives. The participants worked out how he integrated them in his everyday life, to find a happier life, and achieving his goals and dreams. Subsequently is an individual 90-days coaching, in which Sascha Ballach of each individual to achieve his personal goals in everyday life advises and supports. The unique concept of ‘more life’ the innovative combination of workshop and subsequent coaching allows the participants, their lives swiftest effectively and to change in the long term. Here, no lump-sum advice are distributed, with which the participants will be left then alone and that are hardly feasible in real life.

  • Jul 3

    ‘Recovery’ for FreeDays gave it very exciting and personal (entrepreneur) days the fair recovery 2011 “for business start-ups and young entrepreneurs last Thursday, Julia Brotz brought a lot of visitors at their first stand at all, which had been prepared in addition to around 80 other exhibitors. You have been asked the various questions to the company, the vision and the actual offer. And even the other exhibitors looked carefully at the idea of FreeDays, listened well and consult very intensively. “Ultimately there was a single opinion, namely, that” outsourcing is the future, the FreeDays makes it now possible! “The great advantage of coming together of FreeDays and interested parties was that now everything was once very real. In the daily business communication refers to with the customer rather the digital way. It is communicated via Skype, phone or email. On this day, everything was tangible but and there could be new, personal contacts establish, as well as intensive discussions face to face. Positive vote from this event was just the next day to the next event the entrepreneur days at the Radisson Blu in Frankfurt.

    An event that is focused not only on the business alone, but their entire family. Finally, the entrepreneurship often affects the entire family and can not be described as a single scene. There were even programmes for children. Here too, a number of new people came together, to inform and to share. There was this event, not least because of the successful woman Brotz lecture, she held within the framework of outsourcing workshop for FreeDays. The Auditorium was filled to capacity and the visitors were lively even after a detailed lecture willingness to talk and curiosity. Even in the course of the show in the aftermath of the event offered opportunities to convince the principle and system of assistance and outsourcing. It was so also here clearly: the Interested in virtual assistance, the need for more time for the essentials, is huge! Long, exhausting days lie behind all those involved and draw the following conclusion with himself: the appearances on the upswing and the ENTREPRENEUR days were successful, interesting, and suggest a continued successful work by and with Julia Brotz.