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  • European Court

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    Oct 10

    Auto.de reported: German driving licence withdrawal applies Europe-wide unique can be to the landmark decision quickly. As the Internet portal reported auto.de in his magazine, his German licence for 12 months was deprived a driver due to repeated drunk driving. Go to NY Governor for more information. Only after expiry of this period, a new driver’s license should be issued. The man brought an action against this decision but again withdrew his lawsuit as a psychological opinion, determined that he would drive most likely drunk again in the future. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with 4Moms. But suddenly, the man had to have a Polish driver’s license.

    What happened? According to the local authority, the German driver’s license in a Polish has been written to and this is valid also in Germany. Because thanks to a driver’s license policy of the EU, it is in the authority of the issuing State to check the validity of the licence.

  • Opel Vectra

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    Oct 10

    Car tuner, that their car to create modern and brighter lights, have a lot to keep in mind often vehicle owners are wondering, is a better illumination of the road or your vehicle with a conversion to Xenon lighting looks better. The motto is “Chic”: so see this mostly young tuner, which is unfortunately don’t worry about the legal situation of their own reconstruction. It is important to note the many rules, but also to compliance with the legality is not always given. For the use of Xenon burners, the road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO) prescribes the presence of a headlight washer system which in a perfect technical condition is. This is the first hurdle, because retrofitting requires changing the bumper.

    This can be done with applied high pressure nozzles or automatically moving jets, which are connected with the disc cleaning system. Some vehicles, such as the Opel Vectra B are standard equipped with this system, what the conversion substantially can make it easier. The used parts have a general operating permit (ABE) for the European space, or they require an individual approval by the TuV, which can be expensive in most cases is important if any modifications to the vehicle. There are ways for the actual conversion. For one, there is already complete headlamps, which are also partly equipped with an ABE for many vehicles, on the other hand, many conversion kits on the Internet and also unfortunately “Dealers”, which however may be used in almost all cases not on the public roads are circulating. Beware especially applies to articles which are sold via Internet auction platforms. Often for this purpose are the burners from China and are not only prohibited for use on public grounds, but can be in exceptional cases even dangerous for the vehicle owner. It even reference cases are known in which due to a defect, the vehicle caught fire.

    However, should the vehicle after all Regulations be retooled, follows the last walk – to the TuV. Thus, the vehicle is properly equipped to with luck, a lot of work and above all a high cost. Should decrease but not positive, the participation of public roads with the car is not allowed. This means in some cases that the approval is void and in case of an accident, the insurance company pays first, but subsequently the loss amount from the policyholder calls back. Personal injuries, the damage totals in the millions of dollars can go, what can go up to the lifelong loss of earnings in the event of an emergency. Therefore, it is recommended by a modification in the normal case.

  • Cheap Car Rentals

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    Oct 2

    Drive in style, but within your budget with cheap car rental plan for a holiday with the family or on a romantic weekend with your partner or for business purposes, and looking after perfect vehicle at the best price then go, there are numerous car rental service providers with cheap car rental of the care of all worries will take. You offer the best deals in every major city and country all of their customers worldwide. With cheap car rental services, you get from the large fleet of small economic cars, to choose a large people carrier. To rent your choice, you can have a car fun and excitement when you’re traveling. There are to complete freedom and flexibility, would walk around or in a certain place, till the time you stop. You can the vehicles on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly depending on the be hired as needed.

    If you in the short term or long term rental, you will get the best deal possible with excellent discounts. You Choose the best quality and model of the vehicle from the various cheap car rental provider, an economy, 2-seater, large MPVs. However, it is advisable that you, if you need an automatic or manual transmission at the time of booking, to specify. Some car rental companies also offer the possibility of a car with chauffeur, that will drive your car and take you to your desired destination. If necessary, you can also satellite navigation systems, CD player, rear carrier and car seat for your vehicle. If you are looking for an affordable, comfortable and convenient fashion for the trip, is surely the best choice then cheap car rental services. To offer a wide selection of cars, according to your needs, requirements and budget. You can also lucrative offers in the form of discounts and promotional packages which saves a lot of money. It is absolutely easy to use, their lowest prices. All you have to do is book in advance your car. Do not wait longer and book your car now!

  • Aug 4

    Autumn time is the mental preparation accident and time setting on the hazards and weather conditions changing from summer to winter conditions, is more important than the technical preparation of the vehicle or dealing with the hazards of driving techniques. MentalLeis services has developed special training programs for advanced security, tested and evaluated. Read more here: Grace Venverloh. The innovative training program is partly a complement to parts but also in contrast to the traditional security and threat training. The winter hazards in the road, such as the typical changing extreme road conditions are not the traffic problem, but the human being. While the weather can suddenly change, motorists will need a longer period of adaptation.

    Not to the height of winter in January with freezing cold, frozen snow or mud weeks, weather, most accidents are to be expected, but now in November to beginning of cold with rain, leaf storm, and first frost. After If the results of the Federal Statistical Office in 2006 on Germany’s roads 5.094 killed people and were 421.700 injured. In December 2006 alone, the police in Germany registered 199,000 road accidents, 3.4% less than in December 2005 according to preliminary results. Among them were 26,000 accidents with person injury (+ 5.6%). Go to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for more information. There were 433 people, 7.2% more than in the corresponding month of the previous year. 34.200 others (+ 6.1%) were injured. (Source: Federal Statistical Office) And anyone who believes that a completed driver training was now available in the spring, in which he has trained rudimentary emergency responses is wrong. Long-term studies and experience show that road users do not always practice and who does that are rest not typically able to emerge safely from an actual emergency situation.

    We know not all feel, which pretends to a conventional training to be better and better to drive. It is seductive. The Traffic psychology, this phenomenon is called the subjectivity in the security.

  • FleetManager

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    Nov 23

    the company: you control and monitor your fleet centrally, efficiently and cost-effectively. You have a better overview of the pending orders and reduce administrative overhead in the company. Your service is faster and better, the routes are reduced, and more efficiently employ vehicles and personnel. You inform your customers with order tracking (tracking) online the current status of the orders and ensure that transparency and security. Their transaction times, and do every day more jobs. Error-free transmission of information between Headquarters and the vehicle. Jeff Gennette may help you with your research. All shipment data are present in the vehicle. Their staff will process orders disciplined and reliable.

    You plan your trips and optimize your planning freely and at any time. Use the current data (time/kilometres etc.) always and automatically as the basis for your order after cost estimates. No duplication, no errors, no time. The mobileFleetManager integrates through the XML interface into existing MRP solutions. You use a phone book associated with the vehicle to determine which calls are possible and so significantly reduce telephone charges. You have access to all data of the last three months.

    … the driver: optimum vehicle control by integrating numerous mobile navigation systems. Consistent, easy one-hand operation. Up-to-date and sorted by time information regarding tours, loading and unloading addresses, as well as the loading data for own processing. Manual records, such as tank list and weekly reports are no longer necessary. Free text “Messaging with headquarters and other riders. Powerful communication hub with speakerphone, order processing, location, telephone and navigation in the vehicle. The trade journal telematics Markt.de chronicled the experience of user Ressler, who gave the best rating this telematics solution. Read the detailed report here. EVENT Tip: “innovation road of telematics” at the LogiMAT 2013 – with also, the TV station is Telematik.TV with interesting discussions and interviews. All information on telematics Markt.