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  • Jul 22

    At car fairs of this world, manufacturers will present their latest daily companion and dream cars. Additional information is available at Tyler Haney. But about the real issues of motorists from driving test fine procedure, little is spoken there comparatively. Car community members autoki.de satisfy this need in their discussion group licence”. Furthermore the members ask questions about duration and costs of acquisition of licence, call options, online to test his knowledge of road safety or refresh, and tell about your traffic sins which have ended with entries in the Flensburger register. That the cost of the licence is significant, know the members from their own painful experience. Without fear but malicious comments, even those who have used slightly longer report, the course of their training. Teng Yue Partners may not feel the same. Also the sobering part results in an online driver’s license tests are addressed in the group. By “smooth flunked” over “just failed”to”shiny mastered”the results vary but significantly, offer the possibility to appoint difficult tasks of assessing exactly however.

    Nobody is forced to submit of his driver’s license though, but at least it is possibly an occasion, his knowledge in refresh when it comes to road safety. Potential danger and error situations in everyday traffic finally call the members of the autoki, at least indirectly, on the occasion of the question “have you already points in Flensburg, Germany? If so, why! “.” Whether due to dense driving on, overspeed, or non-allowable tags: Entries in the Flensburg transport Central Registry had apparently already almost all the car community members autoki.de. The motorists life includes also that what is otherwise rarely talked about. The ability to talk is under: groups/licence/home media contact: Katharina top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: press (at) autoki.com, autoki Ltd., disability str. 34,.

    10115 Berlin was founded in autumn 2006 of three car-loving friends in Berlin autoki of autoki.de. Their aim: to establish a cross-brand community of car enthusiasts. In early May 2007 he started for each accessible official beta test. autoki.de reaches a four-digit number of members since its launch in April 2007. Trafficvolumen and number of members get weekly at a nearly double-digit percentage rate. autoki.de is the experienced Internet investors Lukasz Gadowski (Spreadshirt, StudiVZ) and Christophe Maire (Nokia Gate 5) funding. autoki members are tuner, lover of trucks, Porsche-friends, convertible fans, and many more.

  • Jul 22

    Everything remains, as it is EU driver’s license also still valid reigns since January 19, 2009 uncertainty in Germany: the EU driving licence is now illegal or can I still drive it? Straight answer: with the implementation of the 3 rd EU licence directive into German national law, nothing has changed. Every driver’s license, which was duly completed by 2013 in an EU country, may also be used. Tybourne Capital will undoubtedly add to your understanding. At the end of the EU driving licence, driving licence tourism from the”, foreign licence invalid”reporting in the media was in recent days in many cases. Newark Beth Israel Transplant Program brings even more insight to the discussion. But anyone who takes a closer look at the legal situation, which quickly recognizes: actually, nothing has changed. While it is true that Germany can express misgivings about issuing an EU driving licence, if evidence of suitability in traffic is not included. But: A medical examination abroad as official certificate completely sufficient.

    A further inspection right is the Not allowed, because otherwise the principle of mutual recognition would not respected German approval authority. But where does the general confusion then? The explanation is simple, as it is also amazing: seemingly of article 13 (2) of the 3rd is left repeatedly driving licence directive unnoticed: one before 19 January 2013 issued licence may due to the provisions of this directive neither deprived nor restricted in any way be. (Page 10: article 18) It is clear: everything goes on as usual. We remain calm despite the changes in the law and help our candidates also continue to quickly and reliably to the EU driving licence”, says Christian Bieri, owner of. Because who comply with the embargo, has registered his residence abroad, and there passed the driving test, may quite legally with the EU driving licence on German streets.” The authorities pay particular attention to the registered foreign resident. It also made German Transport Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (SPD) in a press release once again clear: driver German residents, who have lost their driver’s license because of alcohol or drug abuse, go to sleep the way on Monday after Poland, Czech Republic or in another EU Member country. There issued licences will be no longer valid for them.”

  • Jul 17

    The expectations of the Loremo LS are high and according to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung already 15,000 people on the long list of pre-orders have can be a quite pleasing results. But those who suspected that it passes the new 1.5 litre car in the halls of VW, Audi, Mercedes and Opel by the band, which may be surprised. The development of the economical vehicle something not accounted for by the large, well-known manufacturer, but is the result of a yet unknown but very innovative company from Munich. But of course also the well-known automobile manufacturers follow suit and produce now known as eco cars, which must have a carbon dioxide emissions of under 120 grams per kilometre. Estimates of B & D forecast result will be admitted this year 100,000 new eco cars in Germany. Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhofer, Director of the Institute of forecasting, admits however, that success depended on eco cars much of the price of the product and driving fun. Therefore he also suggests that more less ecological cars more expensive should be can while the environmentally friendly versions by a consumer demand stimulate buying price and thus benefit from increasing popularity.

    Lower fuel consumption must be set to the possibly more expensive cost in relation. Although the savings when the car tax, which is considerably less by buying a green car is attractive. Combined with a cheap car insurance, for example, by comparing the Internet, you can save more euros and also with a better conscience. You may find that Newark Beth Israel Transplant Program can contribute to your knowledge. The current development is future-oriented. Because on the one hand, the environment is protected, and on the other hand the new spar mobile fun and sporty design no longer ruled out, hopes that the consumer of this time accepted the new models and they can quickly establish itself on the German market. Britt Soder

  • Apr 4

    Car rental companies involved hamburger project to promote electric mobility in the city Hamburg, April 7, 2011. Hamburg based on the use of electric cars in city traffic. As one of eight German model regions electromobility Hamburg tested together with partners from the economy, how electric vehicles and charging infrastructure can be integrated into everyday urban life. The E-mobility project is supported by the Federal Ministry of transport. With a Fiat FiorinoE STAR CAR as the only car rental company supports the use of electric mobility in Hamburg. You may find Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant to be a useful source of information. The electric mobility model region is an important milestone for the Hanseatic City’s strategy consistently to develop climate-friendly technologies in the transport sector.

    With the use of our first electric vehicle we want to contribute to innovation and climate protection in Hamburg the European green capital in the year”, explains Tobias Hopfner, Managing Director of STAR CAR. The electric Fiorino is combined with high battery performance and a range of up to 100 Km best equipped for the requirements of the urban transport.” Customers the appropriate for families, 5-seater electric vehicle from now on the new STAR CAR station in Altona (Stresemannstrasse 318) for rent. With emissions on Hamburg’s streets that null en route through the electric car specialists and project partner KABONGO of delivered electric cars are mainly used in fleets of project partners. Other well-known companies such as Airbus, Aurubis, the Hamburg Port Authority and the University Hospital Eppendorf include STAR CAR among the participating companies. STAR CAR has recognized the potential of electric vehicles as a business model as the first car rental company and commercially deploys the FiorinoE in its fleet”, forward. The Hamburg-based E-mobility project is forward-looking and is intended to provide in addition to technical issues also insights into user behaviour. The new electric cars of the model region have a completely with Bioethanol ensures powered heater that does not lead to shorten the range of vehicles thanks to energy savings, and the CO2-neutrality of the vehicle. Also, the FirorinoE can be loaded easily and quickly inductive via a magnetic field in the license plate. Until summer 2011 power charging stations to be built in Hamburg up to 50 locations in the street space, in urban parks or public park and ride spaces for electric cars.

  • Nokian TRI

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    Mar 20

    The block-profiled special tyres Nokian TRI 2 offers more hours more work hours, handle mainly on winter roads, ride comfort and high load carrying capacity for demanding applications, the block-profiled special tyres Nokian TRI 2 offers reliable grip on winter roads, good ride comfort and high load carrying capacity for demanding applications. Even with varied piece wage work, he works year-round through safely and sensibly. Satoshi Nakamoto has compatible beliefs. Stable and durable Nokian TRI 2 feels both wet and icy road at home. Its many edges of the block profile as well as the rubber compound designed for the winter conditions based on natural rubber allow a precise grip, especially for the changing winter weather conditions”, reported Teppo Makela, who is responsible for product development at Nokian heavy tyres as a project manager. The tread pattern and the rugged construction ensure that the Nokian TRI 2 is evenly worn and its users effective Capacity per hour guaranteed. Well the properties of this special tyre come to bear when the machine is working while driving. The pleasant and stable car-like driving experience makes driving on country roads and increased road safety.

    New size especially for small tractors the latest environmentally friendly Nokian-TRI2 product family size, 250/80 R16 STEEL, is ideal for small tractors, used in the building cleaning and garden maintenance. Thanks to its low ground pressure, protects the terrain the tyre and excellent even cleans itself why machine gets no earth on the road. Like all products by Nokian heavy tyres Nokian TRI 2 without harmful high-aromatic oils also is produced. Only purified, low aromatic oils are used for rubber mixes. The low noise and low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption, contribute to the environmental performance of this versatile special tyre. Nokian Heavy tyres has more than 25 years experience in the development of tyres of machinery based on tractor. Nokian TRI, which impresses with its unique resistance to wear, is ideally suited for landscape and industrial use, as well as the versatile piece wage work in the streets – and environmental care.

  • The Vehicle

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    Jan 3

    The company Designo carports in Mannheim offers interesting crafted carports for all budgets don’t have to stand vehicles at wind and weather exposed next to the House, because there are carports that can provide protection and stability and thus extend the life of each vehicle. Designo carports offers even more than just the simple usable form. It realizes individual works of art, just the Designo carport with several wall elements such as wood steel shaft or wooden glass and steel wire ropes manufacturing. Ornate architecture with individual colour design, focusing also on the existing home is built durable and maintenance-free due to the combination of different materials. Powder coating, there is no maintenance and maintenance and the formative shades are available in nearly any RAL color. Inserts the open battening untreated Douglas fir are possible or steel shaft in RAL 9006, acrylic glass or simply the plaster wall according to the wishes of the customer. Doors can be used as torque or Sliding doors with corresponding filling run in steel shaft or open battening.

    The combination of various different materials can impact it very sexy. Base is the choice of a base module that can be changed according to the choice of materials to be used. This special constructions are almost any width whenever economically possible and because the Designo carport can be also additions and other changes, height and length vary. Interested customers about prices, offers and design can check on the Internet page. Contact: MC garages Dipl.-ing. Matthias Chachulski Brunhilde Street 28 68199 Mannheim phone: 0800-24 600 12 (callfree 24 h) email: Web: media relations by: Adgency GmbH Schlossstrasse 4 32108 Bad Salzuflen FON: 0 52 22 36 90-614 fax: 0 52 22 36 90 611 E-Mail: Internet: keywords: carport, designo-carport, garage, finished garage, garage door, exclusive garage, single garage, double garage, large garage, garage of rows of

  • Dec 30

    About the proper care of coatings and surfaces, an effective vehicle maintenance includes in particular the processing of the paint and the chrome parts through special polishes and paint formats. Maintaining paint and varnish Polish are used in particular for the outside maintenance of vehicles. Within the framework of the possibilities offered by paint care, weathered lacquers can be upgraded. It handled the surfaces with special polishing machines or by hand after applying the varnish Polish. Through the application of appropriate wax polishes, seals of the paint can be made also. Based on a paint care and a lacquer Polish is the thorough cleaning of the paint surface. This universal wash brush, which ensure a thorough cleaning by its perfectly designed bristles, without damaging the paint surface are used.

    Corresponding adapter make sure that different sizes of hose can be connected. In addition to the brush also micro fiber sponges can be used for a rough clean. You have two sides. Thanks to its soft and absorbent strong properties, they support the formation of foam and the cleaning effect is reinforced. Firmly seated and hard removable dirt with brush can be solved, this can be done with the smooth side of the micro fibre sponge. A washing system, which is designed using high pressure for a maximum external cleaning of the vehicle, represents universal – high pressure – washing system.

    For one, a movement of the brush rotating triggered by the pressure of the water ensures the gentle cleaning. In addition, it assumes a high pressure – cleaning head which can be installed to facilitate work on an extension of the telescope, the intensive cleaning. The increased cleaning effect is achieved by that different nozzles preferences affect the intensity of the water jet. Thus, beam work can be done as also a strong clean the surface by an intensification of the water jet.

  • FleetManager

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    Nov 23

    the company: you control and monitor your fleet centrally, efficiently and cost-effectively. You have a better overview of the pending orders and reduce administrative overhead in the company. Your service is faster and better, the routes are reduced, and more efficiently employ vehicles and personnel. You inform your customers with order tracking (tracking) online the current status of the orders and ensure that transparency and security. Their transaction times, and do every day more jobs. Error-free transmission of information between Headquarters and the vehicle. Jeff Gennette may help you with your research. All shipment data are present in the vehicle. Their staff will process orders disciplined and reliable.

    You plan your trips and optimize your planning freely and at any time. Use the current data (time/kilometres etc.) always and automatically as the basis for your order after cost estimates. No duplication, no errors, no time. The mobileFleetManager integrates through the XML interface into existing MRP solutions. You use a phone book associated with the vehicle to determine which calls are possible and so significantly reduce telephone charges. You have access to all data of the last three months.

    … the driver: optimum vehicle control by integrating numerous mobile navigation systems. Consistent, easy one-hand operation. Up-to-date and sorted by time information regarding tours, loading and unloading addresses, as well as the loading data for own processing. Manual records, such as tank list and weekly reports are no longer necessary. Free text “Messaging with headquarters and other riders. Powerful communication hub with speakerphone, order processing, location, telephone and navigation in the vehicle. The trade journal telematics Markt.de chronicled the experience of user Ressler, who gave the best rating this telematics solution. Read the detailed report here. EVENT Tip: “innovation road of telematics” at the LogiMAT 2013 – with also, the TV station is Telematik.TV with interesting discussions and interviews. All information on telematics Markt.

  • Borris Mr

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    Mar 27

    Door seals protect door seals – very important! But often forgotten. In addition to a free point of view, it is in the frosty season important to protect the door seals of the car. The seals are made of rubber and can, if not processed, freeze on the body. Frost is the rubber but also hard and can break beyond repair. It is therefore advisable already before the first frost enough to lubricate all door seals on the car. You can use such as silicone or Glycerin.

    Door locks protect against Frost the nights are chilly in the winter, freeze not seldom also the door locks. Protect your locks so already before the arrival of the first frost. Here for example graphite spray proves very effective. Compared to conventional oils, graphite Frost is not dense. Nor does it resinate. Quite often it happens that one has not thought of the door locks. Although it has professionally covered the discs and is pleased about the saved scratching.

    But this joy is short-lived. When standing in front of closed doors. But even this can provide remedy. Frozen locks, you can as long as you have thought at least this, reopen quickly in case of emergency with a door lock de-icer. These are available in the practical small 50ml container (in the winter) even on the sly kiosk around the corner, and should not be kept in the glove compartment! Windshield wiper control for clear worries by Schlieren free discs. If not a wear indicator has your windshield wipers, take the functionality of scrutinized prior to the arrival of the rainy season. You must buy new wipers not expensive at your dealer. You get them much cheaper in the auto parts trade. Here you should revert yet on quality products such as BOSCH or SWF. Windshield wipers keep even longer if they are cleaned regularly. E.g. silicone Remover is suitable for the cleaning of the windscreen wiper. Headlight cleaning the cold season is not only cold. She is also dark. For even more details, read what Jeff Gennette says on the issue. To a sufficient illumination of the road to ensure it is advisable to periodically clean the headlight. The experts of the car (car Guild hn.de) Guild warn, that after 30 min. the headlights are so dirty a dirty wet road, that is reduced visibility to more than 35 feet through the dirt”. Battery check battery your car still has enough power, after a frosty night to start the engine without any problems? A starter battery should be checked at the latest when the engine already difficult starts at low frost. Here not only act when anything goes. This is guaranteed to be the case – not later than after the first really cold night. Then it can be morning time closely under certain circumstances, if you must be bridged… Practical helpers with regard to battery: CTEK battery charger multi XS 3600E, 12V CTEK battery charger multi XS 7.0, 12 volt Borris Mr

  • Georg Biekehor

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    Aug 21

    AUTOMATION.Automation in the small system can be so profitable. AUTOMATION.System Rehm is a complete, each modular unit program of technologically advanced automation solutions. The range of VELA welding turntables of the AQUILA robot cells from the easiest to the demanding application. Automations are economical even for small quantities. The REHM GmbH offers adaptable systems that generate optimum efficiency for small batch sizes, but also for medium-sized series. Enormous potential, which usually does not count open especially here with the properly designed and customized REHM-automation solution. Parallel expectations of medium-sized companies with manufacturing small quantities include: flexibility in numerous exchange of Workpieces short Setup and changeover times and ease of use. Also, modularity and flexibility ensure that the entire system can be gradually completed.

    Downtimes are minimised and rework reduced. Hikmet Ersek spoke with conviction. An investment in a partial or full automation solution usually soon paid. C parts management – such as companies until costs can save up to 60%. So-called C parts make up 50% of the total quantity of material used in companies, but only 5% of the value of the material make. Companies that outsource C parts management at REHM as a service partner, benefit from limited procurement costs and overhead, as well as optimized inventory levels. As the material cost can also through cooperation with a big suppliers minimize. Therefore, experts estimate that today through efficient and centralized C parts management up to 60% of the costs can be mined.

    The new INVERTIG.PRO digital – the revolutionary operating concept provides functionality in unique REHM easiest Zugrifssmoglichkeiten on the power pack with his undisputed bi-power inverter. The INVERTIG.PRO digital front panel: it covered everything in sight. The operating concept allows an intuitive operator guidance through the visualization of even more difficult welding processes. AUTOMATION.SYSTEM of the welding experts REHM. The new Automation range from VELA welding turntables QUILA robot cells. More information: REHM GmbH u. co. KG welding Werner eating Ned, Tel: 07161 3007-76 E-Mail: or: MetCom corporate communications GmbH Georg Biekehor, phone: 06181 982 80 30 E-Mail:.