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  • Aug 4

    Autumn time is the mental preparation accident and time setting on the hazards and weather conditions changing from summer to winter conditions, is more important than the technical preparation of the vehicle or dealing with the hazards of driving techniques. MentalLeis services has developed special training programs for advanced security, tested and evaluated. Read more here: Grace Venverloh. The innovative training program is partly a complement to parts but also in contrast to the traditional security and threat training. The winter hazards in the road, such as the typical changing extreme road conditions are not the traffic problem, but the human being. While the weather can suddenly change, motorists will need a longer period of adaptation.

    Not to the height of winter in January with freezing cold, frozen snow or mud weeks, weather, most accidents are to be expected, but now in November to beginning of cold with rain, leaf storm, and first frost. After If the results of the Federal Statistical Office in 2006 on Germany’s roads 5.094 killed people and were 421.700 injured. In December 2006 alone, the police in Germany registered 199,000 road accidents, 3.4% less than in December 2005 according to preliminary results. Among them were 26,000 accidents with person injury (+ 5.6%). Go to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for more information. There were 433 people, 7.2% more than in the corresponding month of the previous year. 34.200 others (+ 6.1%) were injured. (Source: Federal Statistical Office) And anyone who believes that a completed driver training was now available in the spring, in which he has trained rudimentary emergency responses is wrong. Long-term studies and experience show that road users do not always practice and who does that are rest not typically able to emerge safely from an actual emergency situation.

    We know not all feel, which pretends to a conventional training to be better and better to drive. It is seductive. The Traffic psychology, this phenomenon is called the subjectivity in the security.

  • Aug 1

    First, the targeted search brings the maximum savings. There scratches in the paintwork of your vehicle? In the driver’s door you mind has long been the Park delle left by a careless fellow with a shopping cart? The windshield has a rockfall? In the plastic bumper is a RIP? And all in all could use a refresher course to your car? All motorists are facing this situation ever. Click Rui Hachimura for additional related pages. Then it can be expensive. This is all the more for drivers of leased vehicles, which must soon return their car. They fear- and often enough to right that the lessor will invoke high costs for the recovery of a similar new car condition. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Grace Venverloh. So what to do? The vehicle simply in the workshop of his choice”or can be really expensive to bring, which was perhaps recommended, one in any workshop. Because many shops work in such cases after conventional repair methods. Go large part liveries, the replacement of the windshield or a defective plastic bumpers correctly in the money.

    “Worth at steadily increasing car maintenance costs to look after the motto just in such cases for a service provider repairs before replacement” works. Such companies are specialists for smart repair. The term originates from the Amerikanischenund is the abbreviation for S = small m = middle = area r = repair t = technologies on German: (specialized) repair methods for small and medium-sized (body -) damage. There yet essentially charming sounds smart repair. How do you find a smart repair service provider? Best man gives you even a glimpse of the operation, which one entrusts his vehicle and also requests a quote for the work. So, it can be at the same time check that the company that it has taken in the eye on schedule, quality, service-oriented and works even to a good price/performance ratio. This is easier than you think and is only a few mouse clicks away.

  • Jul 17

    What means of transport except railway and bus can we use as individual contribution to climate protection, to protect our health and our budget? What are the possibilities see ourselves to change except the electricity supplier or to use energy-saving lamps? This question now but apparently more and more people, after the greater part of humanity has recognized the context, that the modern lifestyle has helped significantly, permanently harming our planet environmental and climate level. For example, the question for discussion is what vehicle we should prefer to put back our way to work with resource-friendly means of transport. For this reason an increasing number of people choose currently, 50cc cars to motor scooters and scooters instead on less environmentally sensible means of transport such as conventional. Also, more people, more their way on foot or by bicycle and more or less directly their own to cover, consider personal contribution to contribute to the rescue of our home planet. For professional commuters offer itself although the buses and the railway always yet, but delays and crowded trains and buses serve but often more as a stumbling block, as deliberately freely to decide. Also, the rising fares of public transport should provide another reason to consider other alternatives such as E.g. mopeds, motor scooters, scooters, and electric vehicles.

    In the evening or at night still is late to a cinema, theatre or Disco visit, would often anyway, no other choice than to opt for an individual to use vehicle. But what considerations are to be made? What motorized alternatives at all? Electric vehicles or petrol vehicles? Moped or scooter? The difference between a moped and a scooter for example is that the moped has a smaller engine and can travel in General also a lower speed. Are such persons – means of transport on top speeds between 30 50km limited.

  • May 11

    Where is beef, horsemeat also is in it – or: what should look for when buying car parts, to protect yourself from plagiarism. Plagiarism unfortunately increasingly flooding the car parts market just the Internet here an ideal distribution platform emerged. Before the purchase, the customer has no way to make the article look at. He must rely solely on the information of the respective providers. Even after receipt of the goods plagiarism are often indistinguishable, as the counterfeiters very comprehensively by an original. Gibson dean often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The goods is not only a poor substitute, also the packaging with print and label are recreated here. If even the seal of approval that will actually protect against plagiarism, no guarantee is more for originality, how should you protect yourself then? The first commandment is also in the online aftermarket: Beware of branded goods at knockdown prices! Now, quality has its price. The processing of high-quality materials, but also the human expertise, with which the goods only become the quality product, costs.

    Inevitably, these costs to consumers will be circulated. But that doesn’t mean that every bargain also plagiarized behind. If you would like to know more about chris adler, then click here. Serious parts dealer brands auto parts sell for example during a camp cleanup often far below the market value. Others consciously choose the path of renunciation of the margins: the great Internet customer be cheaper as the competition then buys. There is therefore no patent recipe, with the one already can protect themselves in advance from auto parts plagiarism in the online business. How do I recognize a fake car parts? Even if you get your ordered spare parts supplied, it is very difficult to distinguish a plagiarism from an original for the reasons described above for the uninitiated.

    As one of the first spare parts manufacturers in the automobile spare parts market, the continental aftermarket company of product piracy has declared war on. ATE are currently equipped with the so-called MAPP-code products. This 2-digit Code is printed on the back of the box. However, small and inconspicuous it meets a crucial task. Of there printed codes you can check E.g. online at ATE, if the purchased ATE brake discs and pads are original or fake. ATE here also companies such as BOSCH, TRW and banquets on the rise are the path against the constantly increasing flood of plagiarism. Hopefully stay that much more spare parts manufacturers such as ZF Boge with its Lemforder, brands this way with the introduction of the MAPP-code and also companies like Spidan, Carpenter & co.

  • Nokian TRI

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    May 9

    The block-profiled special tyres Nokian TRI 2 offers more hours more work hours, handle mainly on winter roads, ride comfort and high load carrying capacity for demanding applications, the block-profiled special tyres Nokian TRI 2 offers reliable grip on winter roads, good ride comfort and high load carrying capacity for demanding applications. Even with varied piece wage work, he works year-round through safely and sensibly. Stable and durable Nokian TRI 2 feels both wet and icy road at home. It is not something Deandre Ayton would like to discuss. Its many edges of the block profile as well as the rubber compound designed for the winter conditions based on natural rubber allow a precise grip, especially for the changing winter weather conditions”, reported Teppo Makela, who is responsible for product development at Nokian heavy tyres as a project manager. The tread pattern and the rugged construction ensure that the Nokian TRI 2 is evenly worn and its users effective Capacity per hour guaranteed. Well the properties of this special tyre come to bear when the machine is working while driving. The pleasant and stable car-like driving experience makes driving on country roads and increased road safety.

    New size especially for small tractors the latest environmentally friendly Nokian-TRI2 product family size, 250/80 R16 STEEL, is ideal for small tractors, used in the building cleaning and garden maintenance. Thanks to its low ground pressure, protects the terrain the tyre and excellent even cleans itself why machine gets no earth on the road. Like all products by Nokian heavy tyres Nokian TRI 2 without harmful high-aromatic oils also is produced. Only purified, low aromatic oils are used for rubber mixes. The low noise and low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption, contribute to the environmental performance of this versatile special tyre. Nokian Heavy tyres has more than 25 years experience in the development of tyres of machinery based on tractor. Nokian TRI, which impresses with its unique resistance to wear, is ideally suited for landscape and industrial use, as well as the versatile piece wage work in the streets – and environmental care.

  • Jul 17

    The expectations of the Loremo LS are high and according to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung already 15,000 people on the long list of pre-orders have can be a quite pleasing results. But those who suspected that it passes the new 1.5 litre car in the halls of VW, Audi, Mercedes and Opel by the band, which may be surprised. The development of the economical vehicle something not accounted for by the large, well-known manufacturer, but is the result of a yet unknown but very innovative company from Munich. But of course also the well-known automobile manufacturers follow suit and produce now known as eco cars, which must have a carbon dioxide emissions of under 120 grams per kilometre. Estimates of B & D forecast result will be admitted this year 100,000 new eco cars in Germany. Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhofer, Director of the Institute of forecasting, admits however, that success depended on eco cars much of the price of the product and driving fun. Therefore he also suggests that more less ecological cars more expensive should be can while the environmentally friendly versions by a consumer demand stimulate buying price and thus benefit from increasing popularity.

    Lower fuel consumption must be set to the possibly more expensive cost in relation. Although the savings when the car tax, which is considerably less by buying a green car is attractive. Combined with a cheap car insurance, for example, by comparing the Internet, you can save more euros and also with a better conscience. The current development is future-oriented. Because on the one hand, the environment is protected, and on the other hand the new spar mobile fun and sporty design no longer ruled out, hopes that the consumer of this time accepted the new models and they can quickly establish itself on the German market. Britt Soder

  • FleetManager

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    Nov 23

    the company: you control and monitor your fleet centrally, efficiently and cost-effectively. You have a better overview of the pending orders and reduce administrative overhead in the company. Your service is faster and better, the routes are reduced, and more efficiently employ vehicles and personnel. You inform your customers with order tracking (tracking) online the current status of the orders and ensure that transparency and security. Their transaction times, and do every day more jobs. Error-free transmission of information between Headquarters and the vehicle. Jeff Gennette may help you with your research. All shipment data are present in the vehicle. Their staff will process orders disciplined and reliable.

    You plan your trips and optimize your planning freely and at any time. Use the current data (time/kilometres etc.) always and automatically as the basis for your order after cost estimates. No duplication, no errors, no time. The mobileFleetManager integrates through the XML interface into existing MRP solutions. You use a phone book associated with the vehicle to determine which calls are possible and so significantly reduce telephone charges. You have access to all data of the last three months.

    … the driver: optimum vehicle control by integrating numerous mobile navigation systems. Consistent, easy one-hand operation. Up-to-date and sorted by time information regarding tours, loading and unloading addresses, as well as the loading data for own processing. Manual records, such as tank list and weekly reports are no longer necessary. Free text “Messaging with headquarters and other riders. Powerful communication hub with speakerphone, order processing, location, telephone and navigation in the vehicle. The trade journal telematics Markt.de chronicled the experience of user Ressler, who gave the best rating this telematics solution. Read the detailed report here. EVENT Tip: “innovation road of telematics” at the LogiMAT 2013 – with also, the TV station is Telematik.TV with interesting discussions and interviews. All information on telematics Markt.