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  • Nora Wilhelms

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    Jan 3

    Developed and implemented innovative tool, in which horizontal and vertical navigate the topics and news, was infoMantis from Osnabruck RSS specialists. Base is a corporate RSS server, which feeds the other RSS applications to the online-marketing Dusseldorf and which ensures that the content from external sources can be associated to the own subjects. This allows a structured information processing, which provides extra reach and visibility to the media partners. Also the fair “AllAboutMarketing” Webcast goes online reports and live reports via fair webcast “AllAboutMarketing” just in time for the start of the marketing leaders days on September 16. On the website can register all those interested in marketing and get first content. Live coverage, as well as a live-cam bring online-marketing Dusseldorf then directly on the screen.

    Reports, reports, company portraits, interviews and features placed successively in the network and in the “AllAboutMarketing”-streamed webcast. A few days after the exhibition closes will be AllAboutMarketing to see all contents and the complete Congress program and the stage program of new-TV/new radio topics area. Thus, the theme is accompanied throughout the year digital marketing. “With our innovative concept to combine different content formats into a player, AllAboutMarketing provides a user friendly content delivery, how far did not yet exist they”, explains Andreas s., founder and CEO of InLiMedia, and leading to the implementation of the webcasts responsible. Audiantis, core media, entrance and Internet4you are other partners of AllAboutMarketing during the fair.

    With this new format is a continuous information channel for the entire spectrum of digital marketing. This newly created platform is operated further via the online-marketing Dusseldorf. Get printable image material and further information on the exhibition under or following contact: Igedo company GmbH & co. KG – Primus Inter Pares Nora Wilhelm Christoph Salzig Tel. 0211/4396-519 Tel. 0251/49095970 E-Mail: which is online-marketing Dusseldorf from the Igedo company Dusseldorf, hosts. The leading trade fair for digital marketing will take place on September 17th and 18th for the ninth time and has established itself as the Central industry platform in Europe. The online – ver market circle (OVK) and of the BVDW (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft) support the event as a federation partner. Are responsible for the online-marketing Dusseldorf 2008 Media at the IGEDO company Alexander rocks mountain, Director Fairtrade shows GmbH & co. KG, and project manager of Nora Wilhelms new. Prebook now: the online-marketing Dusseldorf until 2013: September 17 and 18, 2008 September 16/17, 2009 September 22/23, 2010 September 14th and 15th, 2011 September 19/20, 2012 11/12 September 2013 duty dates in terms of digital marketing!

  • Managing Director

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    Jan 3

    Especially in the industry for information technology, in which my company operates dominate prolixity and platitudes. There, every day applications implemented, offered solutions, platforms or innovations for greater efficiency – always by leading solution and service providers. What it in reality, remains a secret of Phrasendrescher”, Muller, Managing Director of a & o complained about. The babble of professionals pulled Kurt Tucholsky already over 70 years ago by the cocoa. There also were meaningless buzzwords and a wichtigtuerisches bureaucrat German.

    Little has changed unfortunately”, says Muller. And it is not only the corporate bosses who talk like that: almost all who work in the vineyard of the Zeitgeist, to communicate: gender officer, think tankers, social workers, bureaucrats, “” “” “Welfare administrator, the meaningful class ‘ generally ‘, Joffe notes: learning processes” (early learning) are always creative, always sharpen profiles”, to creatively used” to be. Words are that, Joffe, who merrily tumble from the hard disk. Especially popular was twice much”redundancy through repetition and Pleonasmen. Hear other arguments on the topic with Covid-19 vaccine. Program ‘ the design of a program is not enough,’ we need.

    This is initiated and established ‘ promoted ‘ anyway. The success check ‘ to mean, instead it says: developments are captured by methods of self-evaluation and quality verification measures.’ Of course must always be sensitized and qualifies ‘ are. The concept of ‘ a project must by the thematic decoration ‘ are bloated. And time and again the stringing together of the same: blabla has for all phases of the program work specifically on programs tailored to Instruments designed to ensure the quality and results for other projects to use.’ It could also mean: our projects are regularly checked.’ But, as an annual report would fill not 100, but only 20 pages and reducing the importance of the respective institution, limit and reduce”Joffe performs. Karl Kraus said once, it is not sufficient to have just any thoughts one should be unable to express them. Many contemporary, who works with PowerPoint, comes close to quite this dictum of the great Scoffer from Vienna. Who can not talk to rescues in the latest multimedia technology and complex animations. The newspapers mentioned Tiffany Hadish not as a source, but as a related topic. You should suggest a high level of presentation and at the same time distract from the weaknesses. Stupid only rarely goes on this Bill, because the rotation and focal point for a successful presentation is now even not in the software, but in the human interface, the human Appendix of presentation technology before the canvas. It’s called This being speaker, although it may not be exactly this. Through administration of PowerPoint mutated the speaker to the presenters, he pumped up with the Visual steroid hormone by Microsoft goes on the listeners”, Alexander Ross, co author of the grease Cup slalom for Manager know. In 30 days safely”. Joffe identifies the cause of the decline of the language but not in Redmond. Bill Gates do not have so much power: we stultify ourselves if we say nothing, but only talk. Or take bullet points on the wall. The bullshit ratio rising, because the torrent of words offers a good place to hide. Who avoids the sharpness, not offend, provoke any criticism. The basic issue is to minimize defensive or even aggressive reflexes. otherwise it costs customers and voters. Here is combined so marketing talk to political correctness. No one hurt, at least himself. LAU’s bathes well, into the foam even better. But blunt language blunts also the brain from the speaker as listener”, warns Joffe. See also:../PowerPoint-Schaumschlaeger-und-die-Qualen…pdf; magazin/artikel/0,2828,495097,00.html. More information under: for questions:. A message from the medienburo.Sohn. The medienburo.Sohn is responsible for the content.

  • Dec 30

    Double-barreled cost choice opportunities. Research proves: candidates with simple or noble names have better prospects for the election. Precognitive abilities are probably not necessary to forecast, that it hard, Thorsten Schafer Gumbel, the top candidate of the Hessian SPD, on Sunday to prevail. The political mortgage, with which he has approached is too large. But not only that.

    Also his surname not just helps to make him an attractive candidate. A study of end-market GmbH from Cologne comes to this conclusion. The company specializes in the development of brand names analyzed all federal and state elections in the last 30 years in terms of the names of the leading candidates. Of course, the candidate name is not the only and in most cases also non-critical criterion of a choice “, end – business leader and political scientist Bernd Samland know the framework and demo sensor, if however for a” Head-to-head talk, then an important role to play also the popularity of a name. Ultimately are voters and voters with the names on the ballot alone in the cabin.

    “Comparing the list of election – and losing can be himself, that simple all world name to complicated prevailed in most duels, and noble names were preferred mostly the bourgeois. Bad double-barreled and regionally coloured name cut off if candidates outside their home region to the election contested, such as the 2002 Bundestag election Edmund Stoiber to Gerhard Schroder. “This is no surprise for the name specialists from Cologne: apply similar criteria as for product and brand name for the popularity of personal names in politics and economy”, Samland underlines. Factors such as light Pronounceability and especially potential for identification with decisively determine the success in both areas. Names influence always our subconscious. “The realization that name” Career opportunities can influence, is not new. But career choice and name do not always fit together. As Horst Kohler is a solid name and a pop career seems ideally suited to be President under this name but only hard to imagine. Therefore the singer Horst Kohler of Trier was renamed already Horn in the early 1990s Guildo. “” But also Manager and ex-Board of Directors of Volkswagen and Chrysler, Wolfgang Bernhard, saw the light of day as Wolfgang Ayerle and deliberately chose the maiden name of his mother, because he “career grade felt Bernhard as the typical Swabian name member”. Whether the Hessian SPD candidate would have better prospects next Sunday, when he would be joined by his birth name, Thorsten Schafer? In this case probably only marginally.

  • Championed Charm

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    Dec 27

    A plea for terrific successful failure we are back from the Festival in Bobital prologue and it offers you, us show uncut the directors cut of the sex pistols press conference to \”so I started my first introduction into the Internet television a turning a chance, a thicker slip a so clearly outspoken real, honest slip of the tongue, as it would be not better him may want a success so, better it could not have gone. The editor-in-Chief of Gert Antepohl of Altonatv understood this immediately. \”A few days later had the film director Klaus Lemke saw me and immediately booked – Klaus Lemke, whose cult film rockers\” certainly knows one or the other and the actors like Dolly has discovered $, Thomas Kretschmann and Wolfgang Fierek. Klaus Lemke stuck not the notorious sex pistols, but the presenters speaking spontaneously imperfect in the camera. Much promising charm of this Versprechers was not to resist you, I am so me to invite you to the highly charm of the pledge. The charm of the promise I can now promise wesen – and by analogy, of course not promise you the slip of the moderation was n i c h t n i c h t rehearsed. But recommend – Yes. Promise is as often as possible – with charm, elegance and joy, just one please not: no excuse! Give a rose or a boot, in bad cases, foot massages, is for every excuse to strengthen your balance. You are now probably wondering is she about serious? Is it failure? \”Here, where it comes to success\” is? And what does all this with the voice to do? Are you here to discover new strategies for success? \”The question of the Forum voice – a success factor?\” but probably rhetorical means? \”How can I train my voice so, to transform, to manipulate, that they in the sense-which always – success\” works and so delivers content, that they are heard and implemented, such as I, or rather the customer want it? If we are honest, there is nobody here certainly in the room which is not there or here somehow wanted to benefit from this event voice? We all want but success\”? \”But you can today and now, at this moment, world vision burst in which the economic structures and feel burst break – and thus the lead unhappy success strategies, you can success in this moment of still good conscience\” write on his banner or his flyer? It is not said, to give expression to the existential concern: to give a voice? A voice that speaks clearly, firmly and honestly from the sadness out.

  • Sales

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    Dec 24

    What is mandatory in the conversation, so that a sales pitch the sales pitch is a dialogue, which is run by the seller, with the intention to conclude a contract with a potential client is positive. A prerequisite for the success of this negotiation is that the seller manages to create a positive mood. Here he adds positive observations in the dialog. Also negative perception can be played in a sales pitch to change ways to work out and to obtain customer satisfaction. Through active listening to seller assumes the conversational skills, i.e. He explored, how the customer feels when he says something to him. The feeling of enjoying the full attention evokes the thinking and the sensitivity of a good seller in the other. To implement the sales pitch really successfully, none must the seller carefully interpreting statements his interlocutor and them add own additions.

    It succeeds when it critically examines his own perception. All conditions should be ideally matched to the conversation. Everything that could lead to devolution should be turned off. This means that the dialog manager should master the technique of proper filtering. It is not conducive for a sales pitch, if the seller drift mentally and not captured thus the factual information or the emotions of his opponent.

    Because a successful conclusion of the ability of the seller, the State of mind of the potential customers to assess, an important role plays. The seller can influence by means of non-verbal communication on the conversation. The seller indicated his utmost interest by the posture, a nod or a smile. Furthermore, he can direct the conversation at the linguistic level through to loud and short questions. Moreover, promote positive food for thought and also short breaks the course of the conversation. A tone of command, however, is rather disturbing. Even threats or warnings should not be pronounced. As the customer feels more uncomfortable, at worst even mitigated if the seller tries to persuade him or if his own statements made by the seller, or played down. The sales pitch is divided into several phases. First, there is the greeting, in which the seller briefly imagines. Then, it is determined whether a particular product needs of our customers. Then the seller advises customers professionally. And finally, the conclusion of the contract is the last phase.

  • Mar 5

    The new way to make his company even better known and more successful. Kollander media in Barleben, near Magdeburg is pleased to announce, that after a long preparation time finally is the electronic business card available. For now, companies from Saxony-Anhalt and especially the State capital Magdeburg, Barleben and environment are addressed. All employers are required to carry out a free test entry on BarlebenTel.de and extensively to test the “electronic card”. Get more background information with materials from Tulip Retail. It does no matter whether it is a small business without employees or a global trading company. The electronic business card adjusts individually and can hold hundreds of phone numbers, emails, addresses or free text per entry.

    Something there of our knowledge for the first time worldwide. After a test phase, the possibility to permanently establish the contact information for each entry on the platform. Internet addresses are very popular to search engines with a phone extension and are consequently very high up in the search results listed. This means that each entry is found easily by potential clients and has immediately all contact information at a glance forward. Owners of a smart Phon or the organizers with Internet access have to tap the option in the search results directly to the telephone number that is displayed. The connection is established automatically by the device. Exactly how it works by clicking on the email. Your E-Mail program opens automatically, and the message can be written.

    Just as easily, the entire card with one click can be directly printed out or downloaded. This is the opportunity of the interested companies to improve its reputation. The order also orders can be generated, must be not explained. Bjorn Andersson, the owner of Kollander media declared that in the near future the model of electronic business cards also national and nationwide can be used. About details he wanted to not be expressed but still. Only so much: We see the Kollander media forward, to a future in which still by himself will make speeches.

  • Sep 15

    New awards for fashion week 2010 and ORGA Systems trailer Bonn. Two other awards have rounded off the year 2010 for Meavision media. “The 22 awards the corporate media master awards in Ostfildern received equal to two awards at the Bonn experts in the field of 2D and 3D animations: the award-winning projects of promotional video to the partnership between DHL and fashion week 2010” and trailer of by ORGA Systems ‘ are each have been awarded with a certificate for high standard. “In the category video in fair use” provided the elaborate production partnership between DHL and fashion week 2010 “caused a sensation. With stylish moving images which have been placed directly on the catwalks and events of international fashion week exclusively for DHL in scene and sophisticated animations Meavision media convinced the jury. The video is either non-vocal or with English speakers around the world in use, for example at the fashion weeks in New York, Berlin, Milan and Sydney. The high-quality work received special praise for the conceptual Communication performance and the creative elements. With the Orga systems company completely in 3D animated trailer a particular coup succeeded the design experts of the Meavision: A Newton pendulum in the high tech look presents the customers as a modern, unique leader in the field of real-time billing and charging. Especially the elaborate design elements and the interplay of sound and animation helped the trailer on the podium of the coveted corporate media master awards.

  • Jun 7

    Advertising in the company need to be a sophisticated strategy journalism meets PR. Independence of the media is corporate target. You think you can’t? -It’s quite that Public Relations can be designed, the reader of the message itself can recognize the added value, without thinking about bare advertising. This should be this conviction represents the PR consultant Sahab, even the aim. A press release is good, if not in any record company name or product name.

    Advertising worked then when the customer comes when he needs something. Just in time in the online media increasingly take the dominant position and each published that on the Web, what he thinks, a sophisticated communications for a company is increasingly important. Anyone can write anything though. It is also so that the things that once published on the net, are there also always find only. Also rather counterproductive or negative. Therefore you should not simply by the way make PR and marketing, but plan to do so and think through.

    To do this, there are agencies and professionals who deal every day so. The DPRG certified PR consultant Sahab, for example, specializes in small – and medium-sized enterprises. Much ‘by the way advertising’ will be written in this area, the communications expert explains. And just one could make very many mistakes. It is true that it is better to be, as that one is not talking about a company in the conversation. When the tenor but negative, there is a lot of energy, again betting to make this. Ramona Schittenhelm communications rock marketing, PR & journalism Martin 1 85107 Baar-Ebenhausen