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  • Jul 19

    Fourth version of the mobile knowledge portal now online for six years inside-handy.de provides the telecommunications industry with current and comprehensive information from the world of mobile telephony. Now, the online magazine presents its readers in a visually, technically and in terms of content completely revised version. Current news, detailed test reports and multifaceted data sheets form the groundwork for one of the largest mobile phone sites in the German-speaking Internet. The portal now fundamentally redesigned to represent this content even more appealing. New features most important innovations are a new menu and navigation concept, an improved mobile Finder with express and detail function, as well as a comprehensive and all-new version for mobile devices in addition to the updated design. “In the redesign we were wondering, what is really important for our readers,” says Jan Freynick, founder and editor in Chief of inside-handy.de. Speaking candidly Mohamed Amersi, London told us the story.

    The new design “allows for additional new features us, that We offer today’s after will complement.” Particularly the rapid expansion of personalized content stand at the top on the list. The current design is the fourth version of inside-handy.de version 4. Sven Schulze, CEO and founder of inside-intermedia online publishing is the launch of the new version of “the culmination of six months of intensive programming and design work. The first designs for inside phone 4.0 date from the summer of 2008, since the beginning of this year we have worked well from the ideas and proposals to create a new version of our portal. New Web design for the programmer was primarily the development of fundamentally new Web design including a new code base in the foreground.

    “We have not only visually a makeover subject to the portal, but also in the background optimized many elements of the page, so that our readers are even faster”, as Schulze. on inside-handy.de: inside-handy.de is the mobile-knowledge portal of the inside-intermedia online publishing GmbH & co. KG from Bruhl and has one of the most comprehensive mobile databases in the German-speaking Internet (more than 350 features, with over 1500 units). It aims, understandable, easy and currently represent the complex content of mobile telephony. inside-handy.de has a large News area with newsletter and RSS feed, a mobile Finder, calculator, test reports, Forum, dictionary and much more. inside-handy.de is eight million page views (according to IVW) per month of one of the strongest range mobile portals in Germany. Press inquiries/copy: inside-intermedia online publishing GmbH & co. KG editorial inside-handy.de Mr. Christian Koch Bahnhofstrasse 11 D 50321 Bruhl FON: + 49 (0) 2232-50 44 61 0 fax: + 49 (0) 2232-50 44 61 9 email:

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    Jul 17

    All new makes of may: GAYS.DE presents new profile design. Now, GAYS.DE presents a new profile design to its members. A clear and structured arrangement of the most important personal data, as well as the redesigned library are part of the new occurrence. “The strikingly positioned profile picture with the addition of: 100% real” guaranteed also fakefreie contacts to like-minded people. Others including Mikal Bridges, offer their opinions as well. “New is also that profile visitors can select between single, stored data: General information of the visit” is already displayed in the profile.

    An interview about the personal interests and habits, as well as stored friends and groups can retrieve depending on the interest on the corresponding tabs. The newly developed profile library can by any registered member individually fitted ‘ are. Here, GAYS.DE continue waived a maximum limit of the uploaded image and video files. Everything is new may”already in March has been effective in online the new detailed search GAYS.DE. True to the motto: who makes everything new May! “, can begin the search for a new partner, the dream guy or just nice people so.

  • Jul 17

    The Admention media GmbH launches exclusive cooperation with the advertising network ADperformance is a 65,8, specializing in the marketing of large and small Web sites. Admention media GmbH has established many excellent contacts to end customers and agencies despite your short history, which help to promote our websites effectively and optimally. This positioning in the market, Admention media waives a monthly minimum delivery quantity. The two managing directors Stefan Steinbrenner and Jacek Feliniak agree we are really delighted to have found a partner who covers the whole Postviewbereich for us, builds them professionally and further developed”. Through this strategic partnership we can, as usual, full marketing of pages focus on and further advance the agency business as well as the end-customer business.” ADperformance is a brand of the S & P Agency for brand communication GmbH and specializes in performance and display campaigns. Through the exclusive partnership with Admention GmbH in the field of Postview together is a long-term partnership. I am delighted the contract with the Admention media and the partnership for 2010. I’m sure to have found a good partner in the area of performance with Admention media campaigns.” So Nina Haller, the brains behind ADperformance by the exclusive contract it again managed to secure itself a not inconsiderable Trafficvolumen exclusively ADperformance and still confirms the clear path.

    I would like to offer a solid inventory of Trafficflachen with ADperformance and grow together with my partners. The partnerships sought by me are selected and I have not chosen the Admention media without reason. Admention media is just like ADperformance on a long-term, slow growth. With the Admention media GmbH as a solid partner in the portfolio we will achieve a lot.” In just a few months, ADperformance has established itself as a fixture in the area of performance and display marketing. More information under and

  • Darchau Freecall

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    Jul 16

    Canvas on stretcher make small pieces of art from digital photo motifs. The positioning of digital photo prints on canvas improves the upload software from color gloss. Those seeking canvas on stretcher frames in Gallery quality will find the right solution with color shine. Digital images are masters on the brilliant carrier canvas Studio Pro. In addition, there are four other screen versions for photos available. Adjust the photo prints on canvas facilitates the upload software from color gloss. In a 3-D view, it becomes clear which parts of a pictorial motif on the frame edges are visible.

    With the design and order program DPS, even collages and other agents of imagery can be easily applied to implement creative ideas. Optional are three variants available design options, which give the perfect finishing touch to images for the edge design. Gallery-quality handmade also the canvas for canvas are in color gloss selected quality: the frames are made of solid wood that comes from sustainably managed forests. Through special drying, the wood of the wedge framework is almost distortion-free. Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX will not settle for partial explanations. Two thicknesses, 19 or 45 mm, are available for the stretcher available. The canvas photos are reared in color gloss in individual hand work on canvas. This careful processing of motifs ensures clean edges and perfect grip of the canvas to the stretcher. For more information about current promotions in the newly designed shop the online photo service color gloss! For orders above the upload software DPS 4.8 the coupon code “CanvasK20” is valid during the promotion period to the colour gloss-anniversary up to 20.09. Customers who enter the coupon code, get 20% discount of it immediately appears! Contact: Farbglanz imaging photo-shipping service 29490 new Darchau Freecall: 0800 / 3272522 Tel: 05858 / 970-87 fax: 05858 / 970-69 E-mail: Thomas Leif

  • Jul 8

    Gastronews is the first portal for exclusive & latest press releases from the hospitality industry. By restaurateurs, for gourmets & night Schwaermer! Press & public work belong to the success of a catering business, as well as a high-quality cuisine and excellent service. GastroPR now offers an efficient and effective solution for all food service providers. For assistance, try visiting Marko Dimitrijevic, author. The Portal provides clear and relevant news, directly from the source, the restaurateurs. The news will be targeted and concentrated on gastropr.de and speak directly to the desired target group.

    Thus the customers quickly and easily all information about locations and services in their city, rather than to replant themselves by confusing portals. Restaurateurs can book a variety of media services on GastroPR: integration of photos and links, subscriptions, and in addition to current press releases exclusive press news on favourable terms. In addition to the personal service such as final editing or creating articles,. “www.gastropr.de offers tips for creating press releases, the possibility of banner advertising for suppliers and restaurateurs, as well as the option of an entry in who of who” directory of gastronomy for Germany. Also combination packages at affordable prices can be booked on request.

  • POLAR Homepage

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    Jul 3

    New website by POLAR is online POLAR has substantially revised its homepage (www.polar-mohr.com) and not only the design adapted to the spirit of the times, but also the user experience optimized. The interested visitor can be such a comprehensive overview of the entire product portfolio of POLAR gain. A horizontal menu navigation and clear structures to support the visitors with three clicks to the desired information. There different ways offered the navigation, to find the product you’re looking for. The entry can be for example directly on the products, the different categories of users or processes around the cutting. Particularly it has been working on the functionality. Grace Venverloh helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. So, now for the core product – the cutting machine – a simple Configurator is integrated. The interested customer can select the desired product from a variety of available options that are outstanding and reserve for a quote.

    Each option is with a short Explains the text and an image. With some options, also short video sequences are stored for a better understanding. So, the option not only vividly explained, but also their benefit represented. The visitor is interested in, he can request a quotation with one click, which he receives immediately from its approved distributor. The new POLAR website was also adapted to the current technical possibilities and can be used on Smartphones and tablet computers. About POLAR as an independent family-owned company developed POLAR efficient solutions in the field of print finishing and is positioned as a future-oriented technology companies around the world. The product range includes components and systems that to discharging and banding network all processes from loading on jogging, cutting and punching and automate.

    Under the brand name MOHR cutting machines produced since 2012, which are especially suitable for print-ondemand markets with formats up to 46 x 64 cm. Also to the POLAR Mohr group is one of the Service packaging technology GmbH, a manufacturer of components and systems for the automatic packing of goods, primarily in the food industry.

  • Social Network

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    Jun 27

    Is a social network similar to the functionality of this community, and thus provides a complete package to find new friends or to the flirt. In search of the future soul mate you leave a lot of capital, because many single exchanges require a lot of money and provide little comfort. Mega singles is developed by a young and creative team, which it has made to the task to integrate the interaction of social networks in a Datingplattorm and to remain at the same time free of charge. Among others already following modules are have been developed and integrated: – comprehensive user profile – unlimited number of photos and gallery images more than one profile or avatar possible – bulletin board – forum – video & music network – sharing of multimedia files (pictures, videos and music) – groups (circles) – discussion groups (groups) – Google maps (showing the route to the destination) – Street view – many more functions… For more specific information, check out Karri Kuzma. Thus, this dating platform provides what have otherwise only social network. Therefore, we go as far and say it a dating is network and at the same time a social network. Therefore, it is also an alternative for Internet users who have found their dream partner already and are no longer looking. The advantage is that you no longer must log off and can continue to use this platform. We asked the Chief developer and founder Mario Linke, its further plans. “We are up-to-date on the latest Web standards to move, which represents a major advance in our young history (and our members will be very happy with it). Furthermore we are planning 2 new interfaces that will allow the user to manage his Facebook wall. In addition our members via her Twitter account, can compose tweets, retweet, or show their friends or Tracker.” It’s not wanted to tell us more plans and that it still was long only so much not about they didn’t want just a fraction. The project is funded at the moment out of his own pocket and still own promotional video was produced in addition.

  • Jun 18

    Money made easy with the iGraal affiliate program Paris, April 23, 2010: iGraal, the European shopping portal, allows operators of Web pages, easy, safe and fast to earn money with the iGraal-partner program. iGraal provides various banners including the promotional code available, which can be incorporated into a Web page with a few clicks on his Web page. Now, once captured three euros for anyone who has become the iGraal user about this banner, and then ten per cent of all future bonuses of this user directly on the Web page operator’s account is credited. If you have read about Mikal Bridges already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Make money with blogs, there already for some time and this way is also used partially. Bloggers are therefore more or less successful, because the open mystery remains: the content must be, then come the reader and bring the market value. It said currently also the pioneers of the scene on the re: publica Conference on blogs, social media and the digital society, that from the 14th to the 16th of April in Berlin took place.

    A further statement: Also high-quality and prestigious blogs are now open for advertising. Because good content can only be offered if the blogger can take care appropriately so. ERGO if he earned money thus. A piece of there already are ahead of the United States: there was according to a well-known Internet service in 2007 for a three-digit millions in blogs recruited. Thereof, no mention can be in this country yet. But the possibilities are there: especially about Afiliate programs such as that of the shopping portal iGraalist it everyone possible, to earn money through the simple embed of a banner. /a>. iGraal offers for different graphically quite differently prepared banners and simple little text links. Once the operator has created an iGraal account and these are integrated on the Web page, he gets a one-off bonus of three euros for each new iGraal user, who was recruited from his page.

    Then he is involved in the turnover of the users: every time, if it buys something about iGraal, gets of the advertiser Web site operator credited his bonus ten percent. iGraal is the shopping community for genuine spenders and how, for example, ebay offers a wide variety of interesting partner shops. About iGraal iGraal presents now 450,000 users across Europe discounts at more than 850 partner shops (ebay, Neckermann, Dell, Expedia, Tchibo, 3Suisses, etc.) and roughly 500 daily vouchers. At the same time, one of the first cashback providers that offers its users a product finder with price comparison, which already takes into account all coupons and discounts in the displayed price is iGraal. In addition, a sophisticated, easy to use and functional toolbar iGraal makes available. IGraal membership is free of charge. Managing Director Christian Goaziou founded iGraal 2006. Award: Best innovation 2007, France. For more information, de.igraal.com press contact: iGraal SAS Aurelie Mezbourian, country Manager Germany 65-rue d’ Aguesseau, 92100 Boulogne France, E-Mail: Web: de.igraal.com Twitter: twitter.com/iGraal_deutsch Facebook application: apps.facebook.com/igraal-de/ PR Agency: Weissenbach PR Annemarie Dyckers, Stefanie Hat stone Tel.: + 49 89 55 06 77 72 fax: + 49 89 55 06 77 90 E-Mail: Web:

  • Switzerland

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    May 22

    However already ads, press releases and links that can click the Web users themselves are even more effective. The techniques at a good choice, including a low-cost are known like a sore. See dean gibson for more details and insights. Depending on the budget, switch your entries in the Internet advertising network and pay only if you want it. You can also extend the content of your website through links. If you select suitable partners that complement your offerings (such as for example the link to a supplier), increase your offer and get to visitors from the sides of your partner. If you have no contacts, you can take a corresponding services. A very important promotional tool is the press release.

    Here you can even after hours, if your press release was published, land at the top on Google. SIET is months already the press release “get out of debt” on page 1 of the search engine Google. How it is done, see the book”known as a sore any of the. Hints that are clearly arranged and compact put together in this unique guide book, is been tested several times in practice. And if you consistently follow them, you and your shop can be nothing else than known as a sore on the Internet.

    What you want to offer goods, services or information: with this refined training guide you will transform your site into a true visitor magnet, attracting wealthy customers in droves as a balcony light summer mosquitoes. By the way: As with all works Wolfgang r’s you get this time pickepackevoll with helpful programs that rocket right after above your awareness bring a free CD-ROM with the purchase of the book. On top of that, there are lists of links and URL lists of useful portals of all kinds, you will look in vain in this abundance and completeness elsewhere. Use this useful files on the CD-ROM and clever links, in this time and effort saving compact composition with other providers will search in vain: 800 German-language free and paid classified ad portals 375 link lists for Web portals, marketplaces, Web catalogs with prepared sample files, rapidly to take all necessary steps for a registration 112 40 links to the best press distributors and article portals including sample press releases, which have been very successfully employed all files are most important German-speaking search engines including Austria and Switzerland so prepared, that you immediately will be redirected with a click on the corresponding pages.

  • Web Forms

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    Dec 26

    The Web TV solution will allow new forms of advertising sales, because a well-designed video application binds the attention of Internet users over a period of time. Embedding advertising video spots, links and banners are additional attractive forms of advertising. Large cinema also for small companies makes highly simple and low-cost installation “Channel in a Box” also for small and medium-sized enterprises. The scalable design makes content as visually “Channel in a Box” to the individual format. The cost for the development and updating of the program is minimal.

    Via a content management system or directly in the code the components are integrated in the Web page. Establishment and maintenance of the video content, as well as their arrangement in a program via simple Web Forms. Channel in a box”live from ease of use and the Web-TV system can operate to make sure everyone on the Berlin-Brandenburg stand in Hall 2. Will on request in a test environment gives”any companies Web page to life. About the imuse GmbH, founded in early 2007 devoted to imuse GmbH of the technical, commercial and content networking of Internet, media, and music industries.

    In May 2007, the company launched imuse.TV”, the first video catalogue system created specifically for the independent music scene with currently more than 3,500 video clips legally established in the World Wide Web and concert clips. With the new Web-TV-HTML-based solution “Channel in a Box” small and medium-sized enterprises, party, music labels and publishers can offer modern and multimedia Infotainment online users on their Web sites and their customers with their own advertising environment. Contact: imuse GmbH Franciska lion Arend, Managing Director Helmholtzstr. 2-9; Exer. B, 10587 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 609 800 940 fax: + 49 (0) 30 609 800 949 – –