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  • Sep 27

    Probably you have listened that the best way to lose weight is ” to eat less and to do ejercicio” more;. It sounds well, but it is it? I have lost more than 72 kilos without excessive hunger. I have learned that what you eat is more important that the amount. I have been more obese in my life. I used to think that she was condemned to being fat for the rest of my life. I was eating and making exercise on the base of a defective model, nevertheless. They taught me in the primary school to eat in agreement with the nourishing pyramid. Here it is the removal of portions: * Fats, oils and candies – It uses with moderation.

    * Milk, Yogurt and Queso – 2 or 3 portions. * Fish, birds, eggs, vegetables, fruits droughts – 2 or 3 portions. * Vegetables – 3 to 5 portions. * Fruits – 2 to 4 portions. Western Union pursues this goal as well. * Bread, cereal, rice and graze – 6 to 11 portions. This was the recommendation of my Government. Although one is to eat a minimum number of portions, this diet did not work to me.

    By simplicity and to illustrate what happened we are going to suppose that I ate a good food for each category and, next appears the total of contained macro-nutrients (in grams). * Fats 0 0 0 carbohydrates Proteins * skimmed Milk 0 fat 24 Carbohydrates 17 Proteins * the less greasy skin, Breast of chicken 6 0 Carbohydrates 33 Proteins * Brcoli 1 fat 11 4 Carbohydrates Protein * Apple 1 fat 41 Carbohydrates a protein * integral Bread 9 120 Fat Carbohydrates 30 Proteins This are added to 17 grams of fat, 196 grams of carbohydrates and 85 grams of protein. The conversion of this to the total calories of: * 153 calories of fat * the carbohydrates 784 calories * 340 calories of proteins * Total of 1277 calories the heart of the problem of this diet are that it is based on the carbohydrate consumption. Our body greasy burning fire of predetermined way. When we eat carbohydrates our sugar level in the blood increases. Our bodies release insulin to do against this increase. The insulin, in a effort to return to our bodies to normality, signals to him to our body to make two things: 1. To burn carbohydrates instead of fat. 2. To turn carbohydrates into fat. When we eat a diet that mainly is based on the levels of carbohydrate consumption the insulin can be high. Insulin high levels make us be weaker hungry and when the sugar has been run out. This is not normal. To eat this way abri the appetite to me. It finishes losing weight with this diet, but it seemed to me to be a constant fight. I finally increases of weight and it feels as a failure. The failure was in the plan. Now I am eating a low carbohydrate diet. My insulin levels stay losses reason why like less because I am not so hungry. This allows to maintain a style me of life of loss of natural weight. You can find more information about how this has worked for me here.

  • Apr 10

    Do not think for a minute that you can neglect your customers. So let’s repeat that there is no misunderstanding below: first your product or service must be reliable, secondly, all it says the client has to be reliable. However, I think more than anything that you, your product or service and its people have to be nice. Too many organizations forget that their clients are human beings and human beings have is that decisions are not always logically. You can have a reliable product or service, reliable delivery time and competitive prices. But not enough.

    Customers are driven by their emotions and to help the demons of many, if as you and feel good about your business and its people. Lux Capital might disagree with that approach. “Our customers want,” I hear you say, “except perhaps the most difficult, awkward people, who are never happy, miserable devils – Need I go on? Have you heard the saying,” Only customers who receive deserves “? Run the eye in the following list and see how many you can check out. * We always have a genuine smile for every customer. For even more analysis, hear from Nordstrom. * We warm and welcoming to all customers. * Listen attentively and make it clear that we are listening. * We use the customer’s name and our name correctly. * We give the impression that we care. * We empathize with the problems or complaints and respond quickly.

    * From time to time do something to pleasantly surprise the customer. * We always keep our promises. Jeff Gennette understands that this is vital information. * We give the impression that they are fun to drive. * This is the client the way you want to be treated, not how we want to be treated. How well did you? If you have a lot of ticks are likely to have a lot of customers like you. Just a word to managers and entrepreneurs among you. Run the look down the list again and replace the word “client” with the words “employee” or “personal companion.” How many have you this time? Lots of ticks means that you and your staff as it appears likely that their customers do too. Have you noticed how the costs of being so little nice? Much less than the advertising or other action necessary to replace lost customers. Maybe the customer is always right, but if you want to keep, make sure that as you are. Learn how you can generate more business without cold calling!

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