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  • Dec 6

    BASIC aspects to consider in PRO of the success of the modern company Carlos Mora Vanegas when the decision to undertake an own business, giving has taken step to a company manifested many questions which enable to obtain answers that benefit the successful development of the company. Certainly decisive, having modern knowledge that administrative science provides, in addition to experience, vision proactivity, confidence and other aspects that lead to develop this article. We suggest that you must be evaluated widely each of resources that integrate the company from the human, financial, production, marketing, using a SWOT that allows us to have the correct information to determine the action to be taken on the basis of a successful operation. (Alfonso Vargas Sanchez) The present day company is being affected by technological innovations, changes in work and family life, by demographic changes and social habits and values, as well as a increased competition, fruit of the globalization of economic relations. Arise new activities and others disappear, are reconfigured the organisational structures into new forms of virtual, structural type or variable geometry, is demanding new professional profiles, which should rapidly be recycled to adapt to the continuous technological progress, are required to learn to unlearn, increasingly requires less labor and more brain work must be aware, that there is no epistemological and methodological consensus on organizational theoryPerhaps, this happens due to the interdisciplinary influence of the field, which gets the multiplicity of perspectives as to its object of study, and therefore their methods of investigation the company must ensure, because leadership is manifested by commitment, decision-making by consensus, teamwork, orientation process and the client, a system in which everyone involved in the production cycle, control through positive reinforcement, values and shared vision for all, prevention and continuous improvement, provision for share and put at the disposal of all members the best possible information, rigidity. .

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  • Apr 18

    The landscapes of the province of Mendoza are the perfect setting for the practice of trekking. Itron is likely to agree. This discipline of adventure, whose more accurate translation to the Spanish would be hiking, involves just go walk a route of paths paths through different natural scenarios. It is possible to practice mountain, mountain trekking, beaches or valleys, following courses of water and even desert landscapes. The Argentine geography appears therefore as ideal for the practice of this activity. And holidays in Mendoza, as the ideal start in this attractive activity opportunity: Mendoza is a magical territory where, at few kilometers, all modalities of trekking are viable.

    However even if it is a suitable and healthy activity for all ages, it is convenient to take some care to ensure a successful experience. Firstly, it is indispensable to dress in comfortable clothes and especially, enough loose: tight-fitting clothing hinder the normal operation of the circulation blood. Another point to keep in mind is that even though it is summer and hot weather, should wear long pants and shirts with sleeves. The hats are essential to protect themselves from the Sun, but careful to choose them: those who do not have ventilation holes will make head overheating, ocacionando headache and dizziness-up. An important point is the footwear, which should be of course closed, but lightweight and, above all, flexible. Before leaving we must verify that the sole is soft enough to allow us to perform talon-punta with freedom movements.

    If it is not, replace them immediately. Stockings must be cotton, to allow proper ventilation of the foot. It should be checked with special care not to be paid nor produce rods, since a small friction that does not bother in everyday life can generate a blister after miles of hike and become a real nightmare. The sunscreen is a must: high solar factor, it is imperative to take it to the excursion to renew, every two hours, generous layer applied on face, neck, arms and hands before leaving. It is important to also take with us a couple of smoked lenses to prevent the solar reflection from damaging us view. A final recommendation: must not forget to carry the mesh under clothing. You never know when can surprise us the possibility of a refreshing dip the chances of hiking in Mendoza are abundant, there you do not need to stay in a rustic cabin or in a campsite to enjoy them. Even hosting us in more comfortable hotels in Mendoza capital can have the certainty of finding excellent circuits of trekking a few miles away.