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  • Aug 6

    “Absolutely no one can go to the gym and sweat it out in the hope of gaining muscle and then come home and have a Coke and a hot dog.” “A typical diet or current for the average person is far from what is an optimal diet for a bodybuilder, they are completely different things” Exercises to increase muscle mass when the objective is to increase muscle mass is to use “EXERCISE OF VOLUME ONE” isolation exercises such as kicking triceps, curls or cross cable between pulleys are exercises that work mostly insertions and origins of muscle, but These are smaller areas of the muscle, so that working, muscular form and detail provided, but contribute little to increase its volume. For a volume gain muscle is to develop its “central bell” or “middle”, which sometimes call “the belly of the muscle” for that reason, the basic exercises or compounds are ideal for this purpose because they provide a series of movements that allow the use of heavy weights that work directly on these areas. Some of these are: bench press with bar, rowing squat, presses, etc. The neck presses after The heavy dumbbell presses barbell Curls Limits the number of repetitions, sets and exercises. When you’re trying to gain muscle weight you know move between that fine line between hard training and rest. You have to do enough work to stimulate muscle growth, but not too much because then the body will not be able to recover from the last session, repair their structures and grow before starting the next session in the gym.

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