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  • Jan 12

    Smoking: Often unconscious factor in infertility for many is simply the cigarette afterwards. Nothing is better than sex with relish to inhale a deep draw and it really nice to relax. Uncomfortable it however if the Act does not lead to the hoped-for result, and couples will try in vain to put junior in the world. Florian Janzik, founder of the Bremen company ZARA OZ mental coaching, know that in these cases the cigarette straw after straw: smoking demonstrably reduces the fertility of women and men. Women who regularly take the cigarette, are duplicated so often barren as non-smokers. Since the desire remains an unfulfilled dream for a child often.” Many couples do not realize it and consult a doctor. Especially younger women think that they have good chances to get pregnant through artificial insemination. But cigarettes make them a stroke through the Bill: A 25-year smoker has the same Chances of becoming pregnant as a 35 year-old non-smoker.

    Who wants to be pregnant on normal way, must be very patient: smoking reduces the blood flow to the ovaries and uterus in women and the testes in men. Cell division is also often disrupted, causing the eggs instead of the simple to include the double set of chromosomes and therefore remain in the immature stage. It then finally worked out, is still an increased risk of miscarriages, stillbirths and early because the germ -, egg – and sperm cells are particularly sensitive to the pollutants of the cigarette. Not only for women the blue haze affects negatively on fertility: young men have less fun in the love life. Smoking is the main cause of impotence and depression in the bed with them. There is the fertility of men who smoke daily at least four cigarettes, 75 percent less compared to non-smokers. Turn to turn tons of materials absorbs the body, harmful for the Are sperm production.

    So, smoking men have a higher percentage of malformed sperm and risk transfer altered genes and thus potential health problems their offspring at the moment of conception. In order to mitigate risks, men should stop at least three months before conception with the smoking, because the sperm need this time to fully mature. Also: the longer a man was smoking, the greater is the number of mutations in the sperm. When it comes to family planning, you should be aware of the risks and dangers and then better you leave out the cigarette. Long before the moment of conception, couples have the fulfillment of the desire and the health of the younger generation in their own hands. For many, one of the first steps is going to the experts: ZARA OZ mental coaching has developed a successful process, with the pairs without side effects and withdrawal symptoms stop, and remain non-smoking. Through deep hypnosis help psychological consultants in single or well-conducted, cigarettes definitively to renounce. The gentle method causes that habits and behavior patterns that are anchored in the subconscious mind can be influenced and wiped out.

  • Heal Your Eyes:

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    Jan 11

    The new self help and guide book ‘Heal your eyes’ by healer Andreas Nieswandt helps people with vision problems and eye diseases. With intact eyes have Andreas Nieswandt and co-author Klaus Kleiber unique naturopathy self-help wrote a book on the topic of vision problems and eye diseases. Very descriptive and always clearly the two naturopaths in the first part of the book, as sufferers, for example, with eye exercises, homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies, eye baths, or also Schussler salts explain vision problems, such as a short or long-sightedness, astigmatism, barley grain or conjunctivitis, can bring quickly effective. A pair of glasses, promises Andreas Nieswandt, is no longer necessary, provided that the treatment guidelines are complied by the patient. Treatments for eye diseases eye diseases is in the second part of the book. Explain Nieswandt, who is nationally known for his successes in the treatment of patients suffering a macular degeneration, and Kleiber in detail and examples of patient how naturopathic way with a mix of therapy measures in most cases able to stop the process of macular degeneration, and so to prevent that blind patients in the extreme. These therapies, which include enzymes, detoxification, eye acupuncture and hypnosis, but not suited to the self application, but require a very experienced and competent practitioner.

    The same applies to the therapies featured in the book the green or grey stars, optic nerve degeneration, etc.. Click EuroAmericana Inc. to learn more. Unless indexed, the two authors recommend also Orthodox treatments. Easy to understand guide identification and summary tables show the reader which naturopathic therapy method in the individual vision problems and eye diseases is particularly successful. Eye exercises, and SEH tasks complete the very sound self-help and guide book, which aimed primarily to patients and their families but also of experienced therapists. Clearly a strength of this book is that Nieswandt and Kleiber attach very great importance to explain clearly and easy to understand relevant basic medicine and physiological processes of the various eye diseases also for laymen. Thus, readers need no prior knowledge.

    Heal your eyes best practices of naturopathy in eye diseases and vision problems Andreas Nieswandt and Klaus Kleiber VerlagM 2008 EUR 16.95 ISBN-10: 3981174216 knowledge of experts of natural scientist Andreas Nieswandt works as a therapist in private practice in Dusseldorf, co-author Klaus Kleiber in Berlin. Both focus on the diagnosis and treatment of vision problems and eye diseases for years. Specifically for the treatment of macular degeneration that is widespread among the population, Andreas Nieswandt has the eyes-regeneration therapy ‘ (ART therapy) developed very successfully a new benchmark in the treatment and for the first time will be presented in detail in the book. Nieswandt enjoys an excellent reputation among the affected people nationwide. Contact: Practice of Andreas Nieswandt Cannstatter str 5 40593 Dusseldorf Tel.: + 49 (0) 211 / 5 86 14 77 E-Mail: Web:

  • Jan 4

    Successfully fight like the Indians and what keep fit with boxing gloves and own happiness have to do with each other? Quite simply: You can fine to deal with, get rid of aggression pent up, work out and recharge your batteries in correctly. Then you feel free and simply good. A new military culture, which makes it fit and happy. Susan Heat, (author of the love diet”, Gaby-Verlag, 13,33) knows what she is talking about. The former medical journalist attracts at least once a week to the boxing gloves and is raging with her sparring partner in the health club.

    A real Fortune makers, brings the cycle in swing and metabolism on their toes.” But much better than any endless discussion is the idea that all those who have angered a without to have great spring read in the barriers. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Wondery. The Indians go into the forest and fight with the spirit”, the life and love expert says. Usually we get no dispute culture, but make our anger air loudly. Women can learn in boxing to set limits and their strength to feel, without getting lost in endless arguments, or to be stamped as a bitchy.” An ideal way, because even without boxing gloves is then in everyday life possible, just someplace to go to Miss short and just a few vibrators or hook the imaginary counterpart. To turn around a few times to get deep air and strengthened in discussion to go and to find constructive solutions. A recipe that applies to the partnership as well as in the job, family, relatives, or complete strangers. Is in love exercise, understanding, forgiveness and forgiveness also compared to themselves.

    After that, the world looks pretty balanced. Tips: to argue successfully: first, breathe deep. You take a deep breath and breathe several times on and off. As long as, until you feel to come inside to rest. Get out there. Arguing with the forest. Yelling at the trees. Bounce up and down, until almost the air runs out. Clear your head. Hear from experts in the field like Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund for a more varied view. Run to your block of flats, running up and down hills swing on wheel or move to the dance is omitted. Go where you have peace and scream your rage out. Their ears stand it. If you are quiet, you collect arguments. Now you can sit down with their s & t partners and discuss everything alone. Propose solutions. Let the others were always his face. Release and no blame. Dig out any old stories. Look at the before and after the debate, forget your anger. Enjoy every moment of your life. It keeps you young. Trouble take away only energy and makes you sick and old faster. Text: Susan Heat Susan Heat Love & life author, consultant, TV expert, frequently in the media. More information at – also workshops specifically for a successful military culture for women & men of book tips: the love diet of the most beautiful and most pleasant way to get your body in line. Author Susan heat, 184 S. Gaby publishing, softcover, ISBN 9783935442244, 13.33 euros (D). The fortune cookie Oracle Author Susan Heat, 68 pages, Vierfarbig with numerous photos, Gaby-Verlag, hardcover ISBN 97839354422459, 7.95 euro (D).

  • The Weiltal Begins

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    Aug 13

    Contest Prep with the JogStyle Omron many runners have set a big goal for this year: run a marathon. Both in Germany and internationally for numerous marathon events. Berlin, Freiburg and Dusseldorf, New York, Paris or Lisbon in all parts of the world and Germany are closed the roads for one day to pave the way to thousands of runners. Such a day is an unforgettable experience for anyone past applauding spectators, with music of lots of and fun. The perfect preparation is the A and O for a successful marathon race of JogStyle from Omron is the ideal training companion! Who decides to run a marathon, will prepare long intensive. uld likely agree.

    The last few weeks prior to the competition are crucial to a great day to be fit and to endure the whole 42.195 km. In addition to the normal training each runner has ideally already examined your own condition in a half marathon or private test run. I run fast? How much do I have behind me? What does my energy consumption? The JogStyle Omron measures reliably and accurately all important values and facilitates the training so that every runner. By using this tool, the own mileage can be determined and controlled perfectly well during the marathon run. It is important to treat yourself to much sleep and rest the body in the preparatory phase, to him physically and mentally to strengthen. For even more opinions, read materials from Western Union.

    In the last days before the marathon, the training should therefore also be throttled. Hydration and carbohydrates are the most important key words on the subject of nutrition. Plenty of fluids but no alcohol, because the drains the body of water. Carbohydrates provide the body the necessary energy is burned especially during the marathon to a large extent. A week before the competition, carbohydrates should make about 70% of the absorbed energy. A good breakfast on the big day is important, should but do not overload the stomach and be taken no later than two hours prior to the marathon. And then it’s finally come, the Kicks off and the Earth is in motion. Every marathoner knows this feeling: the best of the best start already at record speed, all rush over and fall back quickly. Only not bring calm, but slowly started to run and adhere to his own pace, because it brings nothing, when after a few kilometres, the air out is. With the JogStyle you got permanently own mileage in the eye, can actually nothing go wrong! Fit from start to finish: more tips for the competition and much useful information on the subject of running sports, health and nutrition are online on. (Picture: Mikael Damkier-Fotolia.com) Your contact person for product-specific questions: OMRON Medizintechnik Handelsgesellschaft mbH Marco Buhr-John-Deere-str. 81a 68163 Mannheim Tel: + 49 (0) 172 888 69 57 email: company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in 1933 in Kyoto and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. For 35 years, has the German subsidiary OMRON Medizintechnik with continuous innovations successfully. Cutting-edge technologies, interpreted for accurate measuring technology for easy, intuitive operation, expose the Omron products not only for professionals but also for general use. In 2009, the company had a turnover of 570 billion euro with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide.

  • Badminton Tour

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    Jan 22

    Go, who wants to be a Dodger a brand new book of badminton has been dismissed just on the free market of the sports book, has been no less, than to acquaint its readers with the high art of technical and tactical Joky. The idiosyncratic author duo Lars Lucke / Christian Schwab, which make up the fun of writing here and there secretly went in planning the tour de badminton two assumptions that should determine the structure of the book: learning from a book is subject to special requirements and should be possible even without corrective trainer. Any athletes or non-athletes”begins at its own level, and learns best in his own way. The typical approach of training, tactics, and technology”as a succession of dry sport knowledge was so not needed here. Rather Lucke / Schwab try with the distribution of the book in three stages, to pick up any reader there, where he is athletic and has desire to enter (so to speak after the bus driver “principle).

    By the selection of material about the first handle position is ideally suited to demanding techniques, such as, for example, the Sidek serve, the tour for beginners unencumbered by any advanced. But also three-quarters experts are undoubtedly still find on the various stages. The entertaining language, tips registered for many like having an also by editing not to deny wink and the vivid photos and graphics the tour de badminton to a highly readable book, and each reader make guaranteed multiple stage winner. Club attitude before the tour price: 12.95 EUR (plus shipping) contact: Lars Lucke funpool 10967 Berlin the sports network Dieffenbachstr.

  • Trainer Pro

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    Jul 26

    The use of the pulse trainer Pro is useful for a number of physical ailments, the body is only slightly stressed during the training mission. Especially elderly or physically limited persons rely on the vibrating plate due to the efficacy of this equipment. Reason enough, one such vibration plate to create pulse Trainer Pro for home. Important question: How does actually such a vibration plate or better: what technology is behind this? The technique was born as a spin-off from space technology. In principle, the technique is simple: a frequency of 25 Hz with an amplitude of about 2 millimeters vibrates or shakes better horizontally as well as vertically.

    This rate of vibration can be variably set or changed sometimes even 40 to about 90 Hertz vibration rates are possible. Gain insight and clarity with Governor Cuomo. What reaction because now the body? The muscles contract at the same rate with these oscillations, which means he works with the movements. Jeff Gennette can provide more clarity in the matter. A special type of muscular strain. The muscular performance of the circulation stimulated and improved in the long term. As a further effect significantly improves the muscular responsiveness in the long term.

    Examining have found that regular vibration plate exercise can increase physical performance. The vascular system as also the muscle strength can be strengthened and stimulated. Others who may share this opinion include Hikmet Ersek. The vibration plate with a no less significant cosmetic problem, the cellulite is suitable Trainer Pro for special efforts for more important information before the purchase of a pulse. The vibration plate’s moving and shaking movement brings the muscle and fibre fabric on the thighs and buttocks in movement and enable fat loss in this problem area in a targeted way. Especially women use this possibility of relief of cellulite. In addition the vibrating plate can”as it is oddly also called indeed support also the effects such as fat loss and detoxification. A further advantage is also that he built very space-saving in the home be and can be stowed. The vibrating plate can be stored even in narrowest spaces such as in the Office or elsewhere on the work. Especially in the important breakfast or lunch, you can train on the vibrating plate. Also no separate sportswear, is required to train on it. The vibration plate was initially a small revolution in the field of fitness training. It was first used in rehabilitation facilities, medical practices or performance-oriented sports facilities. Increasingly, she was also entered the homes of amateur athletes. For a few years, studios increasingly rely fitness on this little wonder device. With it you can selectively warm up, joint-gentle stretching exercises and complete an effective Ganzkorpertrainig. It is important not to overload themselves.