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  • Wallpaper

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    Nov 29

    Lighting and color wallpaper has long been known that at different illumination colors look different. This also applies to color wallpaper. Not uncommon when buying wallpaper seemed "bright and cheerful, but after they were stuck, they suddenly" dark and gloomy. " All the matter in the coverage of the interior. And the composition of light in the room during the day varies.

    Morning dominated by blue and ultraviolet rays, reaching a maximum intensity at noon. By evening, the advantage falls on the red rays. Effect of light and tone Wallpaper When natural light is useful to consider the following points: The rooms, from morning till noon sunlit, very intense. When the evening sun paint seen in the soft, gentle variations, especially come alive with the reddish and yellowish tone. In the room, facing north, direct sunlight does not fall ever, so there is minimal color change. PCH Prize Patrol contains valuable tech resources.

    In the evening, creating artificial lighting, must try to mimic natural light, then color Gamma will highlight the most profitable. Here are the most important rules of lighting: Do not plan a balanced coverage of the entire space room. Otherwise, the room loses its contours seem dull and tedious monotonous. Avoid light directed vertically. Light incident from the "ceiling" in nature does not exist. Provide a variety of light spectrum – incandescent and fluorescent light, etc. Artificial light sources never have such balanced spectrum as natural sunlight. In essence, therefore, paint under artificial light look different than in daylight. Before buying wallpaper see how they'll look at home. Good shops always yield to the samples of materials. Evaluate the samples in the morning, afternoon and evening. And, if possible, in sunny and cloudy days. Should take into account the visual effect produced by a common background color wallpapers. Dark colors make the room less. Light colors optically expand, the room seem more spacious. Cold blue tones creates an impression of spaciousness. Wall optically relegated. Warm colors with a clear presence of red are the opposite effect. They seem to draw near to us, in rich dark red it looks almost menacing. Quickens the rhythm of breathing and increased blood pressure. The warm yellow color are less aggressive. Dark shades of narrow room, bright – expand. Pattern and spatial relationships Beautiful picture wallpaper or borders on the walls are able to positively influence the perception of space room. This effect is stronger, more intense paint the picture and what it is larger. Wallpapers are divided into grades: – A, ab – printing (paper weight of 80-90 g/m2) – B, ba – printed embossed (150 g/m2); – B, bb – printed corrugated (120-150 g/m2 ) – F, hs – duplicate (70-120 g/m2). Index "B" means a water-resistant. Backgrounds are made with moisture-resistant adhesive on the back side (rubberized) or without it. When buying wallpaper should pay attention to their labeling, the liner with the symbols of the properties and characteristics that shown in Fig.

  • Jan 9

    Seeing the alluring advertisements about buying and installing new windows, hearing the recommendations of warmth and coziness of home and friends, many are thinking about how to make successful acquisitions in the form of plastic and wooden windows, or puzzling question of glazing your balcony or loggia. Along with thoughts on the new windows the question arises: how much will it cost and whom to entrust such a responsible action. Most likely, having studied information on various resources, taking advantage of "online calculator" you'll be in the wild delight of the received value, but the serene joy will last exactly until you see the real value of your new windows or glazed loggia after coming . The very cunning window companies is to understand that the customer can be involved only in price, and this is true, although in reality the low rates wooden or plastic box – is a myth. In most cases, on-line calculator, "says the only price of the product, completely ignoring the necessary additions: Window sills, fixtures, installation of structures, demolition, rise to the floor and garbage disposal, we assure you, the ultimate cost of the product will be 2-3 times higher than previously calculated. The exact cost of the windows, you can learn only after calling and conducting all calculations. Special attention when choice of provider should be paid to the firm's reputation, be sure to visit her office and see clearly that it is all about. In spring and autumn there are hundreds of new companies offering box at a low price, but what you can get a result? -Illiterate and irresponsible approach to the timing of manufacture of windows, unqualified delivery planning, poor installation, lack of warranty and after-sales service.

    As a result, money spent, and the result is far from desirable. Since the departure and consulting project manager is usually provided by various companies as a free service, you have the possibility compare, select and determined! Enjoy! Note the main points when choosing a window company: 1. Make sure whether the services offered by the codes on activities, registered tax authority; 2. Study in detail the company's contract, which must be stated: the nomenclature, equipment, price and warranty, 3. The presence of a payment document; 4.

    Learn about the company itself: for how long it on the market, what kind of projects led, who carries out construction works, and what they guarantee, in the study of information about the company should not trust negative reviews on various "forums", this information may be unreliable. Guarantee for the window company can be: letters of recommendation from the producers profile, end-customers and, of course, a photo gallery of works 5. Having its own window manufacturing (assembly glass, frames, shutters, etc.) 6. Pay attention to the provision of a contract governing the terms of warranty on the finished product and provide you with variety of services. 7. Be reasonable and logical! Treat with suspicious of companies that bid which is significantly lower than in competitive firms.

  • The Underfloor

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    Dec 16

    Warm floors (Electric and water) in recent years become more widespread as a means to enhance the comfort of human habitation in the area. Analysis of technical and economic characteristics of the floor heating systems showed that, beginning with a warm floor area of 5-10 square meters it is advisable to make water. When the floor heating device for the purpose of improving comfort of living, its calculated heat does not exceed 50 W/m2, so in this case, floor heating is considered as an addition to radiator heating, especially in demand in rooms with floor covering such as 'tiles' (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.). Feature of the system of floor heating – a large duration of work compared to radiator heating system, reaching for individual facilities to a year-round. Hikmet Ersek understands that this is vital information. This schedule includes two options for connecting to the underfloor heating system: the total area of warm floors for more than 20-30 m2 advisable to connect a warm floor to a separate pump and mixer circuit in the boiler room with individual heating schedule. With a smaller area underfloor its contours advisable to connect to the loop recycling of hot water with the use of special units for the temperature limiting floor coverings to the required size. In the latter case, this decision all the more justified, that warm floors are arranged just in the premises with the points parsing of hot water – bathrooms and kitchens. In both cases, the power of the floor heating must be considered in the selection of the boiler for individual heating systems.

  • Apr 10

    Curtains fluttered anxiously, and the windows sounded eerie groans and howls, as if there were raging ghosts I think this excerpt from the script to a horror movie? And here and there! This is easy to imagine, if you listen to the explanation employees of unscrupulous manufacturers and retailers of building materials. It happens that their failures are blamed on the interference of supernatural forces or tricks poltergeist. Earlier this year, anecdotal case occurred in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. There's "Poltergeist" showed up in the most ordinary flat panel high-rise building. Pensioner Galina replaced the old wooden windows with new plastic, laid out for them a lot of money. But a few months later the problems started.

    The owner noticed that in windy weather on the closed wing is blowing, and the apartment is clearly heard the wind whistling. The woman lodged a complaint with the window company, but experts by visiting the ill-fated apartment did not hear any outside noise – obviously, because that day was calm weather. In response to repeated requests to solve the problem pensioner hinted at its mental illness, and then offered to do call the priest! Like, the case in "unclean" power, settled in the apartment! In fact, poltergeist here at anything. "The cause of drafts often becomes commonplace Failure of technology installation – explains Rafik Alekperov, head of customer service propleks Group of Companies, the largest Russian producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies. – Tightness of the porch, shutters may be compromised if the installation of windows in the field blocking were not fixed additional distance pads and gaskets.

  • Timber Use

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    Apr 4

    Moreover, the production and use of antiseptics, water-based is tending to a constant growth. The reason – the constant tightening of environmental legislation that restricts the content of toxic components in the formulations of antiseptics. Antiseptics are in the form of impregnation or coating. Impregnation characteristic antifungal and antimicrobial action – a kind of antibiotics for the tree. Effect of impregnation consists in the fact that the solution is deep (up to 10 mm) timber, spreading around the antimicrobial germicidal action. But the coating method of action is different. Surface treatment is an kind of flexible film with water-repellent abilities that protects the wood from moisture. Impregnation uncoated very soon lose their properties under the action of water.

    This covers the film does not interfere with the tree to "breathe" through it out vaporous moisture which eventually accumulates in the timber. Also, the film include metal oxides, warning damaging ultraviolet rays that can ruin the appearance of a building material – under such a radiation timber loses its color and becomes dull gray. Finishing the film there are different colors, as well as transparent and translucent, shiny or matte. Transparencies emphasize the texture of wood, highlighting patterns of cut. Translucent color report tree needs shade, not masking textures and patterns of wood.

    Impregnating and coating compositions are divided into internal and external work. Produced and universal combined structure. Blue blue wood occurs mainly at high humidity and a temperature of +10-25 C. This phenomenon contributes to the immobility of the air surrounding the timber.