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    Nov 3

    According to current studies (year 2000), the capital of Colombia is located in an intermediate seismic threat zone, which constitutes a permanent concern against an unexpected event of great magnitude. The particularities of the seismic threat to which it is exposed to the capital city of Colombia have tried level specialists since the end of the Decade of the 80s of the 20th century. The earthquake that ravaged City of Mexico in 1985, whose damages were concentrated in an area built on deposits of soft soils, geometry and particular stratigraphy was a warning bell since Bogota has similar characteristics. The district authorities responsible for the physical planning of the city have treated this subject since late 1991 in the context of the elaboration of the regulations of the Statute for the physical ordering of the Special District of Bogota (6 agreement of 1990) and specifically the process of formulation of the environmental management Plan. Planning is too important to avoid or reduce emergencies and this requires the same understanding and interdisciplinary work.

    It is a continuous process and therefore should not be considered as an action with a particular purpose because precisely, it provides preventive measures for the future. Planning reduces the unknowns against disaster situations because you try to anticipate problems that may arise and take possible alternative solutions; In addition, it contributes a quick response to problems provided fits and suits the particular situation, available resources and respect the local culture. The present thesis work aims to contribute to the development of a culture that allows the authorities and the public in general, understand natural hazards to plan the development of the city, from the Academy minimizing the exposure of its population to disasters which may affect their lives and their heritage. The problem of disasters is no longer a casual concern for peoples and Governments and has become a vital element in the list of issues that belong to all of humanity, either by its impact on global development, or because your solution is only obtained with prolonged systematic efforts.

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