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  • Jun 30

    Radflirt.de as new bike community successfully launched new bicycle community started on the Web the Internet offers space for everyone and communities are absolutely in line with the trend. Pretty much every interest group meets now in specially decorated forums or on specialized sites. The Guild of the sporting cyclist is now enriched by a special-interest site. Because Radflirt.de in the race, the new fan and fun community for cyclists is brand new. The possibilities are endless. Here, bike fans will find lots of friends and like-minded people for conversation, discussion and exchange of views around the bicycle and cycling? Forum and chat are the exchange of knowledge and opinion in different areas around the cycling and bike and certainly better know. If you would like to know more then you should visit Steph Korey New York. The Gallery is reserved for images and albums.

    Classifieds with image upload can be found on the virtual marketplace. In so-called “groups”, visitors can participate in public, private, or hidden information or discussion forums. The “Tour” is interesting. Cycling can be recorded via GPS upload for a map display on the computer, or it can be offered. The rubric of “Holiday” is reserved for operators of bicycle tours and bike events as a presentation platform.

    Dating and flirt to your heart’s content is at Radflirt.de of course a big topic. With photo upload and search by gender, age and zip code, man and woman can choose “easy” the desired partner. And you might find yourself on Radflirt.de to the joint tour in bicycle lucky bike Princess and pedal pushers. Radflirt.de provides the following main features summarized: chat & Forum: Exchange of knowledge and opinion in different areas around the cycling and bike. Gallery: Upload images and create albums and let this vote by the members of the community and comment on. Market: Free private Classifieds with image upload for used bikes and used Bicycle accessories. Group: Creation of public, private and hidden groups to group their own information and discussion forums. Tours: Bike tours with GPS upload for map display – hold and offer or report. Flirt: Dating and flirt to your heart’s content. With photo upload and search by gender, age, and zip code. Profile: Individual user settings with optional personal and address data including photo upload as well as information about bike and hobbies. The Web Agency behind thought of Kampfelbach at Karlsruhe for design, implementation and maintenance. Operator of the website is the Rolf limp GmbH, headquartered in St. Leon-Rot near Heidelberg. For more information: Rolf limp, telephone 06227 / 35858-15,

  • Jan 1

    Each ball is a donation that comes in and helps. The German life bridge switches a virtual Christmas tree from 28 November 2008 on lebensbruecke.de. First, he is green and almost bald. But he can be decorated with festive: with donations. The proceeds will exclusively the project KidAiD against child poverty in Germany”to good. There are various Christmas decorations to choose from, depending on the donations: for example a red ball for five euros, a candle for 50 euro or also a glitter star for 500 euro. Clicking on the red ball, then the online donation of five euros to the German life bridge goes automatically, at the same time to hang the ball around the tree. The donor can then choose whether or not his name on the ball appears.

    The virtual Christmas ornaments is also a beautiful gift, then the name of the recipient on balls, stars, or candles. With the project “KidAiD – against child poverty in Germany”, the non-profit organisation wants German life bridge the living conditions of children from social improve disadvantaged families. It is financed with the help of donations from lunch and homework supervision in social institutions. COSCO wanted to know more. The children help Cook as well as for rinsing and sitting at dinner together at the table. Unfortunately, this is anything but of course for many children. Some see a carrot here for the first time. Through this lunch offer financed by donations, the kids are not only tired, but they experience respect, care and important social manners. Currently, the German life bridge supports youth centres in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. Projects in Leipzig, Essen and Stuttgart are also planned. Please report this action or link to the image on.

  • Dec 25

    On the 23.02.09, Tablers of the round table 4 (www.rt4.de) elected its new Bureau that in early April for a year will take up his duties. On the 23.02.09, Tablers of the round table 4 (www.rt4.de) elected its new Bureau that in early April for a year will take up his duties. See more detailed opinions by reading what PayPal CEO offers on the topic.. Like every year, eight positions were newly filled. As the new President for the year 2009/10 you chose the Henrik Bergemann, who already served as Vice President in the previous year. Henrik Bergemann is looking forward to the challenges on the table, in particular on the preparation of the forthcoming Euro meetings of the 4 stages of the round table in the coming year in Hamburg.

    Marc O. Pagel was elected Vice President. Rowil Ponta, former President of the RT 4, will remain in the next year as past President of the table and with his experience the Bureau available. The new headquarters at a glance: President Dr. Henrik Bergemann Vice President Marc O. Pagel past-President Dr.

    Hans Rowil Ponta international relationship Officer (IRO) Axel Konjack Secretary Magnus Bimberg Treasurer Marc Christian Wedekind webmaster and public relationship Officer (PRO) Sven Severin of woman officer Arne Hansen the new Bureau takes his work on the 01.04.09. A focus on include the EuroMeeting 2010 that every two years upcoming theatre tour of Salzburg partner table, planning a summer festival for the children and families of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft spina bifida and hydrocephalus e.V., Hamburg (ASBH), as well as a new edition of mulled wine sale in favour of the Bergedorf Board this year in addition to the preparation. “We have made us much for the coming year”, so Henrik Bergemann. “We have seen how much can be achieved, if all with tackle. In this sense we want to continue to bundle the strengths to the table and help there, where we are needed.”

  • Jun 6

    Accident victims lobby wins a strong partner of Dusseldorf Martin k is just over 40 years old, needy and traumatized. 1999 he was victim of a heavy traffic accident fault. As he then was in a coma, his right leg was amputated without medical necessity. Until today he is fighting for reasonable compensation. His fate shows that the real trauma of the accident often only begins after the hospitalization. Injured party must make an often long, stressful battle with insurers and legal system in addition to the rehabilitation.

    Here, the subvenio e.V. Western Union has much to offer in this field. offers a competent, Germany-wide focal point informs accident victims and actively supported. In addition to the reward of good deeds its members about the cooperation with the ARAG General Rechtsschutz Versicherungs-AG, Dusseldorf can enjoy: is now in the Member contribution from 36 euro ARAG legal protection included. For even more details, read what Governor Cuomo says on the issue. We are pleased to have a powerful legal protection insurer on the side of our members with the ARAG”, so Stefanie Jeske, 1. Chairman of the subvenio e.V., whose Hauptziel it together to fight for right and compensation for accident victims. Top priority is creating awareness of the problems resulting from the supply and treatment of accident victims. A Club member in an accident caused by a third party becomes the victim, offers him the ARAG legal protection for damages. She takes over at an amount up to EUR 1 million the Attorney and court costs in all instances and all over Europe.

    Worldwide, an amount is covered for up to 12 months abroad up to 100,000 euros. The members of the subvenio have the free choice of lawyer. If desired, names and commissioned the ARAG a lawyer. All redress is without excess available. Short info subvenio e.V. Germany the non-profit association lobby accident victims was on February 14, 2009 in life called out from the need, that there was no nationwide active organization until then, advocating for the concerns of fault health damaged people. These are often a pawn for judicial, medical and insurance policy and lose about their existence. To prevent this, subvenio e.V. supports injured advice cheques for the free initial consultation with a freely chosen lawyer or medical and psychological institutions, accompaniment to court dates, as well as the provision of aid of other organizations in the future in many ways, such as with assistance in dealing with authorities. At the same time the non-partisan and independent private citizens initiative is committed to improve the legal and social situation of victim and their loved ones, by them ensures awareness, as well as the enforcement of relevant laws and policies in politics, justice, administration, insurance and the company. subvenio e.V. – c/o Stefanie Jeske – Metzer str. 39 – 40476 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211-489281-fax: 0211-618 25 48-www.subvenio-ev.de for more information, dates or printable image material, please contact: contact: subvenio e.V. c/o Nataly Bansal on the Bock 3 40221 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211 7333320 eMail: press contact ARAG: ARAG Allgemeine Rechtsschutz Versicherung AG Klaus Heiermann head of Department of corporate communications ARAG 1st 40472 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 (0) 211 9 63-22 19 fax: + 49 (0) 211 9 63-22 20 E-Mail: Web: video/spot under: spot/spot_subvenio_ev.html