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    Jul 4

    1 Introduction With passing of the time saw each more necessary time the concern with the socioambiental responsibility of a company, a time that with the easiness of if getting information of the modern world, is proportionate new excellent images on the company at every moment. The image must be one of the goods most preserved at a moment of history where more fixed consuming markets for each establishment do not exist. The idea to keep a faithful public already fell has much time, but some companies insist on believing that the things can well be hidden. The RSA cannot only be dealt with as a tool preservation of the image, but in certainty it opens doors so that the well informed consumer on the subject deposits its confidence and carries through its consumption in the way in establishments that well-being of the society guarantees. To deal with a retail company finishes very becoming the complex task, therefore at the same time where the constant necessity of sales exists, if it cannot simply ignore standards and norms of behavior, so that the recognition comes for socioambiental reason.

    2 Development a retail company knows that it must its effort all its customer and therefore always finishes favoring the same in its more diverse situations. Exactly thus it must be attempted against that nor always the best way to vender a product is most correct. Initially, it is important to verify that the ethics must be the regulating north of all and any attitude of the employee, therefore it who is the responsible one for the set of regulamentadoras norms of the behavior of the society and therefore cannot be ignored in way some in an enterprise project. The practical one of the ethics in a company, any is its branch, requires adjusted certainty, will politics and abilities to become the decisions and to carry through concrete and objective enterprise actions, minimizing the resistncias and the incompreenses, but keeping the focus of the exercise of that enterprise.

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