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    Jan 8

    Beard and mustache. If you have them, then remove them! The fact that the psychological impact provides us not only how a man neatly dressed, but also how much hair on it. The more hair covering his face, the greater the psychological barrier arises between you and your client. The fact that the hair cover the skin and hide your face, thereby causing a suspicious person subconscious feeling that you can conceal anything. This is how to put on sunglasses and go to the customer and put your hands palms down, not up, that says that you can anything to hide. Psychology – a deadly thing. Do not underestimate her! If you can not lose his mustache or a beard – alas, the path not for you. Classical or modern shopping for the transfer of documents.

    No youth frills and bright colors! 2. Items for presentation. Laptop. It is advisable to leave it on, so it is less loaded, when you come to the client. You need to check that all files necessary to display the client had a laptop in advance. I advise to create a temporary folder and temp Put all your desktop shortcuts.

    If the files to display more than one, on your desktop create a folder named organization where you go. The client will be very pleased when he sees that all you have done so much to him, darling. Temporary documents to display. While the laptop is loaded, you can prepare specific papers for shown a client or harvested questions or word-dialogue like "What is your posh office, or better yet, ask anything of the case. Why would you sit for 20 seconds, burying the ceiling? Key documents for presentation. You are their should know by heart. Any count, any paragraph, any of the latest innovations and be able to fast speed cat switch between them. Remember to show customers a PowerPoint presentation I had closely watched outside of working hours presentation that you showed and found that I lose some time, unnecessary switching slides. Then I figured, what slides I needed and switch them numbered on the keyboard to quickly move from one slide to another without loss of time and "empty" breaks with the client. Business card. Your face. Better to give at the beginning of the meeting when you are sitting behind a desk. A well-prepared to meet the order can increase your skills. Perhaps you they will not seem significant, but the customer directly to the eye. Image: Runners, swimmers, fencers at the Olympic Games. Look at them. How much grace in their turns as graceful in their movement But their every movement hiding thousands of hours of hard training. Successful preparations!

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