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    Sep 9

    Tentorium company began using the network method to promote products for over 15 years ago when the Internet did not exist. So is it possible to build a successful online business without the Internet? Yes, of course you can, and life is shown. But today, when there was such a wonderful tool for communication as the Internet – why not use it in your business? To what extent? At your discretion. It is obvious that using the Internet today You can, for example, a more spectacular presentation of business directly from a computer screen, you can still do a lot of useful things and make your business more productive. But – as ever – the most in any computerized presentation will be mainly the credibility of the person who conducts, and that trust must first be earned. When a presentation was held only at a table in the kitchen, office or cafe. Scheme business painted on all that came to hand. “Lessons on napkins” – you already know this book? Will the presentation of the business more efficient, only on the fact that instead of napkins will be a laptop? As before, the network business is business human relationships that need to build.

    Computer & Internet can liberate you more time for building such good relations with your future partners, but will never be able to do it for you! You celebrating? Me – yes, because it means that we have nothing to do with you, experts in the organization of the network business – to build human relationships, not stay in any crisis. In our market – in the network business – Unemployment will never happen. It’s believed that Jeff Gennette sees a great future in this idea. There will always be in short supply people are not afraid to try something new, ready to share their new knowledge and experiences with others by his example to lead them. And it is qualities such as rule, and are distinguished by successful networkers. Yes, today everyone in a few minutes may become the owner of my own site on the Internet. Not in vain for this there are many special services.

    But your site and your business Internet – is not equivalent concepts. In order for the site turned into a business – traditional knowledge at the “pot” – is no longer enough. Looking for expertise in a number of specific areas such as copywriting, site promotion in search engines, etc. All this is also not much what science is, but before you climb in these areas should be clearly decide for yourself what you need it? In addition, the site – it costs. Time and money. According to our experience – on maintenance of the site in working condition goes from 4 to 8 hours a day and not less than 10-15 thousand rubles a month. You can do it? Then I wish you success and offer our help and support in this matter. Write to discuss – we have ideas on this subject. But this – beyond the necessary and sufficient for building a successful business program. In our school, success in network business with Tentorium – Internet use: – for distance learning our partners the most effective to date methods of doing business “in the real world” – as well as to liaise with them where we were and they were.

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