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    Feb 13

    On the market there are many models of hair dryers. Many girls tend to buy "professional" hair dryer, assuming that the models created for professionals better. This is misleading. Of course, a good professional model would be better bad usual model. Professional models have been developed from the fact that the master will use a hair dryer full-time, ie, hair dryer shall be capable of working 8-10 hours each day. Also, the client's hair completely different, so a professional model should be 2-3 temperature settings, and 2-3 power blower. Additional features include a regime of cold airflow, and various attachments.

    If you do not use all the advantages of a professional model then you should not buy it as a mass market is a model with many of the benefits of professional models. To begin, we define for which you need a hairdryer. If you use a hair dryer just to dry the hair, it is advisable to choose the most powerful hairdryer with a nozzle – a hub, if you have thin hair, suit and low-powered hair dryer. If you want to dry and style your hair, then Choose a model with multiple speeds and thermal regimes (high – for pre-drying, the average – for stacking and treatment of cold air to secure the installation). If you use to dry and styling curly hair chemically, for these purposes fit the model with a diffuse attachment. Diffuse attachment is a disc with a diameter of 10-15 cm from the surface and equipped with a curved "fingers".

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