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    Jan 4

    Like nonsense, detail, it is clear that all participants will be given certificates that no one cheated, but the format of presentation says the observant man many things. I think that this behavior is a simple reason: the tyranny implies a lack of flexibility and rigid algorithms behavior, so if the manager learned that he must submit to the coach at the start and enter the documents at the last break, he remembers an approval of his superiors and the text representation of a schedule interruptions and 'fuck at the ready. " Because tyranny will not forgive the flexibility and variations not only coach but also a manager. Unlike tyranny, democracy training company builds scenarios, leaving the 'tolerance' to the real circumstances of all parties involved in the training – the trainer, self-management, hr client companies, participants of the training and all the characters, whose participation in the project proves to be necessary. The formula is simple – in a democracy, 'all are equal', and tyranny 'Some are more equal than others'.

    conclusion In general, when the democratic relationship coach and the company is clearly aware of who and what contributes to the training, respect for the contribution of each other and therefore do not hesitate to praise the client partner, because they have a common goal, agreed limits rights and responsibilities. Therefore, they are not meant to be someone else's laurels, not afraid to speak their piece of work. They do not wait any knife in the ribs, nor the whip on the back, so the training appears relaxed and trusting atmosphere, where you can make and solve the really serious challenges and problems, and do so in safety and with interest. Free people and customers are free style relations and business. And what you want! *** For example, a girl with wide open 'naive' blue eyes, says the following text: 'Oh, you know, we have the computer prints out the standard form of certificates, and there is no line for the author – and we can not fix, it's Computer '. Men over forty representatively embraced his chest, raises his eyebrows and said impressively, with a 'fatherly' patronizing intonation: 'Why do you need the author, the main thing – in any organization you are trained. You understand that we – this is a brand Then, we have all the coaches only work under us. " *** For example, the break was delayed, the group wants to end the debate: Democracy agrees and tells how you can delay the break, not to stay all day and leave the rest to the discretion of the group; tyranny explains that she has an agreement with a restaurant and you can finish the discussion afterwards, ignoring the psychological mood of the group (for the psychology of tyranny there is only a plan for its interests); anarchy agrees, without telling the participants that, for example, 20 minutes for lunch will not be possible to go – when a problem is detected, the managers tell the group that 'you do decide to argue instead is', although the group agreed to discuss the shortage of information, not knowing what lunch in 20 minutes will be gone. Trifle, and revealing.

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