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    Jul 19

    Its heroes are very known, as Mickey Mouse (1928); The Donald Duck (1950). Brazilian author Maurcio de Sousa, was the creator of the group of the Mnica in the 1959 end, one of the biggest successes in our country. He also created several other personages, as: Chive, Bidu, Chico Bento and Horcio, among others, all known internationally. Still, as Iannone; Iannone (1994, p.54); ' ' … ' ' she was the only Brazilian artist to receive in 1971, the prize Yellow Kid, ' ' Oscar' ' of histories in quadrinhos' '. Becoming an exception because &#039 created its proper company; ' Maurcio de Sousa Produes' ' , exceeding one of the great obstacles faced for the Brazilian quadrinistas. In the current times, we have some quadrinistas that come if detaching such as: Cia, with the Duck; Angeli, with the Skrotinhos; R Bordosa and Bibel, among others Thus, for Iannone; Iannone (1940, P. 57): influence and the tradition of the allied foreign series to the marketing pressure of the Syndicates is, to a large extent, the responsible ones discourages for it to the national quadrinistas.

    Unhappyly, beyond the relative questions to the costs and the distribution, many times the Brazilian production if sees the returns with the structure lack, professionalism and, over all, support of our authority Valley the penalty to mainly stand out, that since its creation at the beginning of the passed century, the current society, in result of its popular style and for being of easy reading, histories in quadrinhos amuse and entusiasmam the readers in general, the children. Being thus, we go to know a little more than this media printed matter. 3- What they are Histrias in Quadrinhos Histories in quadrinhos (HQs) are narratives produced by means of sequential drawings, almost always in the horizontal direction, folloied of short texts of dialogue and some descriptions of the situation, presented in the interior of called figures ' ' bales' '.

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