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  • Advice To Have A Successful Web Site

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    Jul 12

    Not always to use the latest in technology is indicated to prevail in the network. It always thinks about its visitors and it maintains a good interaction with them. The great majority of median and Web sites small companies exists for a single reason: to generate and to let grow its income. Nevertheless, they are plus the companies that fail in the attempt that those that prevails. To what they must so many failures? To frequent errors that could in time be avoided, that is expensive and sometimes they generate damages irreversible. From the experience of the specialized site Global Trade (mercadeoglobal.com) and of articles " The seven sins capitales" , of Jim Daniels, and " 10 Internet marketing blunders" (10 silly things of trade in Internet), of Internet Chronicles Marketing, we offer a catalogue of strategies to avoid at all costs to commit the errors that take to the failure of the Web sites. Without a doubt more errors of trade in Internet exist very many, but those that are mentioned next will provide a good departure point to him stops to work.

    Concntrese in preventing these errors and their projects in Internet will be more successful. It remembers: the 80 percent of the problems must to the 20 percent of the causes. Valuable and gratuitous information the best Web sites offer valuable material and attendance of quality. In the network it is a fact that who share valuable information with their visitors has majors probabilities of maintaining them in their pages. Its own name of dominion has an own dominion is an investment that gives the credibility him that the visitors look for in a Web site of commercial character. Page of light entrance a page with more than 40 kilobytes (including the images) takes eternities in loading. The visitors will not wait for as much time.

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