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    Sep 4

    and if this percentage that takes one of these excuses are asked if they at least have tried to find work elsewhere or have gone to any job interview, only one percent, would give a response. While it is true that every time the wages are lower, but this will not only affect certain jobs, but affects all positions from management to the employee. On the other hand, companies do not seem to be clear about valuing its employees, when a key piece in which a worker may or may not be happy with what he does, even though you do not like. A reward system is suitable and is also proven that it works as a tactic. However, when we talk about economic rewards can be either (a small incentive to provide a service that has helped to improve the image and benefits of the company you work for) or a simple gesture of courtesy (as a thank you for everything, good work, and even a small hint of a smile when passing by his side), all these actions reward the worker believes that makes him feel valued and most importantly, makes you feel useful. The relationship with colleagues is also an important factor in a situation of dissatisfaction, clearly indicated that if the ratio is in good keeping the monotonous work which may be heavy or it will become much more bearable, but instead the relationship is vague or nonexistent, the task increases its weight.

    When the relationship is bad, the employment situation can become a "hell", for it must not only bear the "burden" associated with their work, but also has no choice but to cross constantly with colleagues. You could say that external factors can also affect job satisfaction as relationships, family situation, the distance … but they are factors "travelers" usually disappear over time, if our task is nice and we like it. A worker can make your daily task might like it or not, depending on the mood that face to it. If we follow the trail of Robbins, one factor that determines the work is attractive to the employee's organizational commitment.

    It is vitally importance to discover if the position is played is important for the functioning of the company, because if so, the worker will be higher "priority" in his post and feel valued. Many companies fall into error when assessing the worker, believe that is a number on a card but are not able to discover that this number has life and that with proper care can get to pay, as they come. Another mistake companies is changing the corporate culture (for which I understand would like to show that the worker is now a partner in that its function is essential for the proper functioning of the organization, rather than company) to convince themselves, but are changes that do not work, if the same head of all life, not change their fitness over workers. To reach a conclusion on this paper believe that job satisfaction depends not so much the type of work we like it or not perform, but the working environment around us. Because after all, all work, over time, are monotonous and tired. So it all depends on the point of view as how you look.

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