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    Oct 9

    During the training necessary to drink water, and then you can treat yourself to a cocktail of protein to regain strength. And do not just after the gym to go to a fast food restaurant and order his cakes, pastries, sparkling water, ostensibly encouraging myself for resistance to the workout, otherwise all your efforts go down the drain! If you really want it, take a sheet with the number of calories offered products, horrible, and go home to chew on salad. At least, cholesterol, a huge amount of fats and carbohydrates in the evening pass by you. Training in the gym can be combined with jogging or swimming in the pool, so you kill several birds with one stone: tighten the figure, will spend more time outdoors and, finally, wear your new swimsuit, because prior to the opening of the summer season must still wait! Each theory must be confirmed by practice. I’ll give you my example that will show a diet and exercise. 1) This is food (I will show you the approximate time but you can plan your own) 07:30 – 50 grams of muesli + 250 ml of yogurt and eat an orange 11:20 – 250 ml of yogurt and eat one apple 13:30 – 100 g cooked rice and 200 grams of fried or boiled chicken, vegetables, 17:00 – 100 g cooked rice 200 g chicken, vegetables, 19:30 – scrambled eggs with crab sticks 21:00 – cup of yogurt and an orange or More apple can not eat that day! 2) Training Day 1 – , aerobic activity, the most effective is going to the pool, can be fitness, jogging, etc. – while no more than 1 2 hours per day – Rest Day 3 – power loads, a gym – time 1 hour 4 day – Day 5 – , aerobic – 1:00 Day 6 – Rest Day 7 – power loads – 1 hour Then the cycle repeats itself I hope this program will help you if something is not clear then write in the comment I will answer you and help you make individual program individually make out.

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