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    Jan 4

    Preparing for a wedding, you found that it is necessary to solve a lot of questions. If you study or work, then you do not have much time to get it and do not be mistaken. So where do I start? What kind of wedding issues are most important? Most brides think that the most important – it's a beautiful dress. The dress can create the mood. There will be a great mistake if the choice of dress you will spend most of the time. Of course, the book room, a choice of dishes, cars can be charged to parents and witnesses.

    And here in search of Toastmasters have to go by. Whatever you have a gorgeous table, unusual dress that does not depend on it will be gay marriage or not. Decisive role in wedding reception play toastmaster. For even more opinions, read materials from Governor Cuomo. Toastmaster, or master is not invited in order to impress the guests the beauty, singing or other advantages. First of all the leading wedding should create a relaxed environment that everybody feels at home. Toastmasters has to be able to win. Establish contact with people to help you to communicate with each other, to engage all one way or another in games and contests – that's for it and gets his considerable fee toastmaster.

    Stars at the festival should be guests and newlyweds, and toaster helps everyone to show their best qualities. Work Toastmasters requires a lot of intuition and practical skills in communication. The concert is most often come to those who are already familiar with the work of the speaker, tickets bought by those who like this artist. At the wedding the guests are not on the toast-man, but on the feast of love concrete newlyweds. Toastmasters also have to build their program to meet the very different tastes of most visitors. An experienced toastmaster has left the game and scenario moves for which the response is predictable. It is these games are used at the beginning of the program. In the beginning Program toastmaster as minerals, can not go wrong. In the first hour of going on the recognition and addictive Toastmasters and guests to each other. If the first hour showed that mutual understanding exists, then the presenter can use a sharp, active, entertaining games and tricks. Tamada, respecting its audience, will never enjoy their confidence and to provoke to participate in contests, which are suitable only for a narrow circle of old friends. At the wedding, as most presence of guests from different generations, children and the elderly. A good toastmaster is able to make the evening fun and without the use of jokes of a sexual nature. For good toastmaster humor for adults and vulgarity is not the same thing. Arriving at the meeting toastmaster for the future, being captivated by his charm, sociability and connected speech, do not forget to ask to show videotapes weddings. It is advisable to watch some videos. Pay attention to the person guests. If people are happy, relaxed, laughing, interested, if often sounds of laughter and applause, then rush to order this lead.

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