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    Jul 22

    The history of Outsourcing well exploited, helps keep the expectations of both parties firmly anchored within the workable. There is already a knowledge base product of the experiences of the industry in the past designs, which allows to establish clearly the chances of success of a transaction of Outsourcing based on the current conditions of the customer and the supplier. This should be the parameter that attach the expectations of both sides to enter into an Outsourcing relationship. Customer engagement: As all sophisticated business tool, Outsourcing requires highly qualified customer to resources they can exploit its potential benefits through appropriate management and supervision functions: it is important to emphasize here the delicate balance between macro-gerencia and micro-gerencia of the Outsourcing provider by customer. The macro-gerencia takes the customer to not allocate sufficient resources to monitoring and control of the supplier, leaving the latter adrift in terms of operational guidelines, while the micro-gerencia leads to the customer on the one hand to eat the savings expected in it infrastructure, to create an administrative control neo-burocracia dedicated to the management of the relationship: the other side, and more seriously yet. ata’s hands to the supplier, constrained by an avalanche of administrative requirements that prevent you from implementing optimized procedures upon which was based his promise to the customer’s operational efficiency and economies of scale. Detailed definition of the portfolio of services including: in many coercion provider tends to be explicitly vague about the portfolio of services included in the basic cost of an Outsourcing transaction. Even more, this vagueness is often successfully used as a strategy of customer penetration: wins the customer with prices artificially low to then remove the secret letter of the fattening of the business in the future: once the contract is signed and completed the transfer of operations to the provider begins the litany of exceptions or services not included, causing countless additional charges to avoid this bad almost endemic to the clear and precise definition of all the services is extremely important included.

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