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    Jul 29

    The context of the last decades, where the women are entering each time more in the work market have demanded new options for the alternative care of babies and small children. (RAPOPORT, 2001) the women inside assume different roles of the society and need to divide its time between the work, the transit, the market, the school, the care of the house, the family, the husband and the children. many times, remaining absent of house for bigger periods what it would like. In such a way, the cares pass to be delegated third as to make purchases for the Internet, domestic secretary for the tasks caretakers, division of the purchases and other activities before only of the women, with its friend. could not be different with the maternity. The work with small children requires cares special and the planning of the attendance is different of the carried through one with the children biggest. In this way, studies in this area are basic, mainly inside of the new social context where many mothers need to return to the work few months after the birth the son.

    (RAPOPORT, 2001) In such a way, it is necessary to review the relation mother-baby later to understand the separation of this relation and the factors that intervene with the adaptation of the children when entering the school. Destarte, the adaptation to this new world if makes necessary. As much for the children who enter this unknown environment as well as for the parents who leave its son and pass, many times for a compound of anxiety and necessity and, in the same way, to the professors who receive these new children and its parents. in these adaptations, the reactions are not identical: some children accept the idea to possess another cuidador that not its mother of which she possesss strong bond, simbitico. Already for others, this to become individual, more painful and is suffered, something more difficult, being able to mark until the adult life, being, many times, necessary a professional of Psychology so that the abandonment idea speaks brazenly that can have appeared in its first separation of the person-base.

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