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  • The Power Of The Mind

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    Jan 4

    It is not of today that if it comments on the power of the thought, of that our mental force can be arrasadora, could mention here in history essnio, prohibitions, and even Hindus, of its beliefs on the capacity of the thought in attracting good or bad things, to put we go atrelar in them in more recent information; for example: ' ' The vibrations of the subtlest the mental forces are e, consequentemente, more powerful that existem' '. (Charles Haanel- book The Master Key Sisteni, written in 1912). In the espiritismo, the capacity of the thought in attracting for itself good or bad things have the name of Psicosfera that it comes of the Greek psych + sphara and wants to say: 1. Psychic atmosphere. More info: Deccan Value. 2. Field of radiation of the perisprito, that if exterioriza in redor of the proper physical organism. 3.

    The expansion of the aura, or ' ' tnica of forces eletromagntica' '. The scientists had acquired knowledge, of Biology, Physiology, Neuroanatomia, Anatomy, Neurofisiologia, however still they look the part that it develops activities in unconscious the psychic one. In way to the activities it psiquismo we assimilate knowledge of lived facts, in this process ' ' Eu' ' of each one it acquires knowledge of the facts that are happening in its life; However the majority of us disdains these information without knowing the evil that can be making itself exactly and to others. The thought is not guided only by consideraes strict atreladas to the reality, it also flows motivated for interior, abstract and affective stimulatons or until instinctive. The creation human being, for example, exceeds many times the reality of the facts, reflecting varied interior states and of enormous value for the construction of our cultural patrimony. All our activities are activated by the unconscious one, since the birth, still as babies ours ' ' Eu' ' it produces stimulatons, as for example, to catch a toy or simply to raise the hand, and in elapsing of the growth ' ' Eu' ' of each one it is molded in agreement the stimulatons partner-cultural and familiar, forming ' ' carter' ' of the individual.

    Each idea or mental force is in some way, stored in the psicosfera fluid it that it circulates around us. It is as soon as construct the unhealthy, creative thoughts of diverse physical disturbances. Emmanuel says in them: ' ' The thought of one of us that it leaves to nail one definitive idea, constructs this idea in the mind and, this image is in the origin of doenas' '. We can deduce, clearly, that the illnesses spirituals, are consequncias of mental behaviors that they reverberate in these two elements: the substance the fluidics of the perisprito and in the mental substance that our psicosfera forms. When we do not enxergamos to we ourselves, our behaviors before the others are not total free so that let us can make choices or emit opinions. We are moored the evaluation forms, structuralized in the defense mechanisms – unconscious mental processes that make possible the individual to keep its integrity psychological through one auto-deceit form. ' ' The predominant thought or the mental attitude is the magnet, and the law is of that the fellow creature attracts the fellow creature; consequently, the mental attitude always will attract the conditions that correspond to natureza.' ' Charles Haanel- (1866-1949) Article published in February of 2011 for the periodical ' ' The Clarim' '

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