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  • The 5 Great Truths Of The Rapid Fat Loss & Permanent Weight Loss

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    Aug 7

    One of the problems of Public Health recently in the world is undoubtedly the “OBESITY” in the U.S. only 65% of the population is considered “Too fat” and what is most worrying is that people with this disease does not know the “true cause”. You will be stunned when you know the “REAL REASON” why Gordo still having tried almost everything to lose weight. Industry finally reveals these “dirty” secrets so that obese people have recommended doing things remain very fat and absurdity of it all even more weight gain over time. Others who may share this opinion include Hikmet Ersek. Discover why: a) diets do not work … b) Cardiovascular Exercises Do not Work … c) Abdominal and abdominal exercises do not burn fat in the abdomen … d) Eat Late at night is a “myth” …

    e) The “ZONE fat burner” is a mistake … f) “TONED” their muscles do not work … Do not waste another minute blaming, diet and fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry, they do not see you as a person, or even a client they’re just a number with a dollar sign attached. These five truths contradict everything you think you know about Diet and Fitness: 1. First, it is a definite fact that you need is to lose fat … no weight. If you get to lose weight, with most fad diets that are out there, mainly lose “WATER” No “FAT”, you are not becoming more healthy … You’re dangerously dehydrating to!.

    2. Diets low in carbohydrates will not make you lose fat in the long term because they steal energy to your body, making them very difficult to follow, low-fat diets are worse, put “more fat in you.” The only way to lose fat is by eating the right foods at the right times … … and at the right time … sounds complicated … but it Bastante simple!. 3. The long, boring cardio … four or even six times a week, is the worst way to burn fat. If you know this little secret you may burn five times the fat of the abdomen, making exercise only 45 minutes a week. 4. Packaged foods diet, supported by “celebrities” are expensive and slow that means you have to keep paying them for months … Besides the ads are skipped the part where you keep buying your own vegetables, this amounts to hundreds of dollars more each month. 5. Dietary restriction (also known as starvation) is not only stupid but dangerous Oh no work! y Why go to bed hungry when there is a delicious way to “activate your system” to burn fat all night … while you sleep deeply?. Now that you know the truth about how your diet was sabotaged before it even started … Now that you know what not to do if you ever want to get in shape … it was time to know what you really need to do to lose fat now and never to recover.

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