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    Dec 26

    The Web TV solution will allow new forms of advertising sales, because a well-designed video application binds the attention of Internet users over a period of time. Embedding advertising video spots, links and banners are additional attractive forms of advertising. Large cinema also for small companies makes highly simple and low-cost installation “Channel in a Box” also for small and medium-sized enterprises. The scalable design makes content as visually “Channel in a Box” to the individual format. The cost for the development and updating of the program is minimal.

    Via a content management system or directly in the code the components are integrated in the Web page. Establishment and maintenance of the video content, as well as their arrangement in a program via simple Web Forms. Channel in a box”live from ease of use and the Web-TV system can operate to make sure everyone on the Berlin-Brandenburg stand in Hall 2. Will on request in a test environment gives”any companies Web page to life. About the imuse GmbH, founded in early 2007 devoted to imuse GmbH of the technical, commercial and content networking of Internet, media, and music industries.

    In May 2007, the company launched imuse.TV”, the first video catalogue system created specifically for the independent music scene with currently more than 3,500 video clips legally established in the World Wide Web and concert clips. With the new Web-TV-HTML-based solution “Channel in a Box” small and medium-sized enterprises, party, music labels and publishers can offer modern and multimedia Infotainment online users on their Web sites and their customers with their own advertising environment. Contact: imuse GmbH Franciska lion Arend, Managing Director Helmholtzstr. 2-9; Exer. B, 10587 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 609 800 940 fax: + 49 (0) 30 609 800 949 – –