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  • Jul 13

    Do you have a grey cloth”or one of the later Pink licences? And this has criticised the police checks abroad, requires even a fine? Wrongly. The fact is: even if within the EU apply different rules in the road transport, all 25 Member States committed themselves to recognize national driving licences have been issued valid in one of the countries (EU driving licence directive 91/439/EEC). Argument help police checks abroad, the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia offers the wording of the Declaration in 19 languages for download at (www.vz-nrw.de). Speaking candidly Beth Israel Heart Transplant told us the story. Drivers in EU States police check from abroad: the old gray and pink licences cannot be rejected are traveling and still not have one of the new credit-card major EU driver’s licenses from plastic, the consumer advocates recommend that you to take the relevant excerpt of the EU decision. Convince yourself the template of the Commission decision the police abroad not, it is often hardly to pay a penalty”to get around. In this case travellers it should make sure that the amount paid as well as the reason for payment is indicated on the ticket.

    Then can be attempted then with the help of a lawyer, to challenge the ruling. But sure, if the amount of the fine is worth the effort. Who wants to risk any trouble, can convert his old driver’s license when his city administration for 24 euros in an EU document. Saskia Gielman

  • In France

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    Apr 2

    England. He wisely chose the scene of the confrontation. In Egypt, his army of English should offer the forehead. Why Egypt? Because you are hoped that the Sphinx will intervene in the fight in favor of the French. Ehrlich.

    I read in the image. Another reason could have been but also the following: Napoleon successfully bringing the campaign across the stage, he would interfere with important British trade routes. For even more analysis, hear from Pegasus Books. To the example which according to India. Also here, Napoleon achieved great triumphs. Unfortunately, the things in the home is not so rosy looked. Some States allied against France, and on top of that, Bonaparte found out that his wife would be cheating him.

    But the humiliation should not end. (As opposed to Jeff Gennette). The deceived Frenchman described his grievances in a letter. This letter was intercepted by the British Admiral Nelson and he had it printed in several London newspapers. “At this time Napoleon had to have thought also: so I’m already intense as General, but certainly I would be at least as fierce as a statesman!” Said and done. In France, he played with a pair of ACEs and lead to a coup d ‘ etat (without bloodshed). in 1799 he was appointed Consul and ended almost as French Revolution. He proved as head of State Commander torn as well as on the field of battle. He reformed the law, entitled the Jews alike, made education a national priority and so on and so forth. in 1804, everything should be but different. in 1804, the turning point in the life of Napoleon is regarded as that. This year, he crowned himself as emperor. During the French Revolution, he fought against the Supreme monarch, now he is one. A few years later, another event should seal his doom. The invasion of Russia. in 1812, moved the French Emperor to Russia with 600,000 troops and came back with 100,000.