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    Dec 8

    History of the soccer of the North and Northeast. Check out Teng Yue Partners New York for additional information. Rio De Janeiro: Litteris, 2002. P. 86). Andrew Cuomo wanted to know more. Ademais, the senders give preference to the great teamses of twisted, because evidently they give to greater hearing. The result is a vicious circle, therefore more people, mainly of the new generations, start to admire these teamses, whose twisted they grow still more. Meanwhile, they diminish the twisted ones of the small clubs of the capitals. Teng Yue Partners New York pursues this goal as well. 4) Regulations that favor the great clubs.

    Beyond the competitions where the great teamses alone enter later that the small ones if engalfinharam to dispute one or two vacant, it has those where, instead of the income of all the games to be divided, it are entire with the mandator of the departure. With this, small clubs of the capitals little obtain to collect during the competition, therefore in its games ' ' in casa' ' , they do not have income; in the games of the interior, the twisted one can until being bigger, but the income is not its. 5) Law Skin. In frigir of eggs, most of the resources that before went for the clubs, now is with the entrepreneurs. But who form the players? The club or the entrepreneur? Thus, the costs of formation of new players satisfactorily are not covered.

    ' ' I want, here, to leave some contribution so that something is made in favor of the small clubs. If to finish with the lesser teamses, dies the soccer in Brazil. It is the same thing that to take off the category of base, from there leaves craque' ' (IT HISSES, Eulrnio Saints. Op. cit., P. 5). As example maximum, is enough to remember that Ronaldo Phenomenon appeared in Is Cristvo. 6) Guanabara fusing Rio De Janeiro. In the case of the small Carioca clubs, this is considered a basic cause. With the fusing, them they had started to suffer the direct competition from teamses of the interior, who would angariam twisted of the city and/or the support of the city hall.

  • Mar 8

    Letter to my children 12.10.2011 My dear children, Plus one day of the children! I want to use to advantage this chance for them to reveal some things that, I think, all father, at some moment, would like to say for its children, who, for it, will never leave of being children. Children, perhaps vocs not yet know how much they are loved by its parents, since whom they had been born. In the truth, exactly when still they were only one aspiration, already this feeling existed, that was exactly what it allowed to give life what already we conceive mental and significantly. Since the moment where its eyes if had opened and inalaram the life essence that allowed them to be born in this world, we were learning to love them each time with more conscience of our duty, of our responsibilities. If you are not convinced, visit Amazon. perceiving as, day-by-day, went m in recognizing as its parents. In this process, we start enchanting in them with its intelligence, its sensitivity, its capacity to understand of what if costuma not to think that a child can reach. This is a reality that we can prove in all the children, what it means that they are much more apt of what let us can imagine to understand diverse things of the reality that the fence.

    for this reason, we stimulate always them to search the knowledge, taking care of so that nothing it inhibited this necessity spiritual of the human being to question and to think, to reach the answers what it wants or it needs to know. Wanted children, how much she has been grateful the chance of, simply, to have them as children! We are sincerely in pledging so that, at least, they are so happy of having in them as parents, how much we are I and its mother. We know that we are not the best parents of the world, but the best ones that we are learning to be, looking for to be so conscientious how much the effort of overcoming of our limitations allows in them.