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    Oct 6

    The private money or private capital. What is and which is its purpose? Private capital is known like or private money the loans deprived with hypothecating guarantee that subscribe under protection of the Civil Code, the Hypothecating Law and the Hypothecating Regulation. Also, recently approved Law 2/2009 of 31 of March, it regulates the hiring with the consumers of loans or hypothecating credits and services of intermediation for the celebration of contracts of loan or credit. Law 2/2009 of 31 of March articulates the denominated activity of moneylenders who lend " money privado" or " capital privado" , with the hypothecating guarantee of a building, urban or rustic and the one of the financial mediators, who carry out a work of advising, documentation and negotiation between the client and the financial Organization, mercantile society or private person who take part like moneylender. The effective law demands that the financial mediators contribute to their clients three binding supplies of the conditions of loan, which makes possible that it is acceded to the same with the best economic conditions of the market. Also, leaves into the hands of the authorities of consumption of the independent communities the supervision of moneylenders and mediating financiers. Also, like some of the contemplated legal exigencies in the norm, they are not possible to fulfill until the complete development on the part of the Independent Communities or in its defect of the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and equality and in particular of the Main directorate of Consumption, the law imposes to Notaries and Cash registers of the Property the necessity to de facto supervise to the legality and scrupulousness of subscribed contracts acting like supervisors of the norm. What is private money or private capital? It is a loan of money between individuals or individuals and societies of investment (legal people).

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