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  • Oct 11

    “The Pixie book for adults in work with four short stories around the theme of work by Betty Kay has just been released and an extraordinary gift not only for Christmas Grosswetzdorf on the 5.11.2010 – Pixie book for adults in work” with four short stories around the theme of work of the lower Austrian author Betty Kay has just been released and an extraordinary gift not only for Christmas. The short story collection in work”includes four short stories revolving around the theme of work on thirty A6 pages. “With a price of 2,–(to betty-kay.at order on the homepage) the Pixie book is” intended for adults as a unique gift for any occasion. Companies can distribute the booklet as an original gift to customers. Regarding discounts for larger orders please contact on directly to the author. Take advantage of the short story collection to the Selberschmokern for on the go or as attention for friends and relatives. “If upon conclusion of service” at the end of the working day an unpleasant accident trouble brings, in strange day”the behavior of a worker base to the astonishment of offers in the carriage of” is waiting for the announcement of same or in my head “which is superior to high standards: each of the four stories holds a surprise. . .

  • Oct 9

    Just the fourth book by Susann Klossek appeared under the title of “Tropical fever” stories from the stranger – the fourth work of Susann Klossek. “Travel is, in every moment to be born and die.” This travel book looks behind the scenes, behind the tourist enclaves beautifully described in guidebooks and dream beaches of the world. In addition to the beautiful, it deals the longing of the traveller, his solitude but also with happiness, that is him on every new travel also relentlessly with the evil and Renegade, the poverty. Travel is a Symphony of the senses. On their travels Susann Klossek met including the wife of a semi famous emigrant, Thai ladyboys, an intrusive Filipino doctor, a stressed Munich film crew, Russian money collectors, New York Nepalese Maoists, Laotian Art thieves, drug dealers, cat dompteuren in monk robes, a Japanese Zen master, neo-Nazis in the Nevada desert, almost a Zapatero and the spirit of Frida Kahlo. It is now in the entire German-speaking book – also via all online portals – can be ordered. For bookseller under Victor Hugo “Tropical fever” Susann Klossek ISBN 978-3-8334-8669-2 372 pages 38 CHF / 23 Euro Susann Klossek was born in 1966 in Leipzig.

    She studied German Philology and Slavic Studies and later moved into the economy. Among other things, she worked as Assistant, export Manager, Publisher, free artist and bartender. Currently she is working as a freelance journalist for newspapers and as a freelance writer as editor and columnist for a Swiss IT and economic, as well as a lifestyle magazine,. Susann Klossek lives in Zurich and visited 30 countries over the last 15 years. 2003 “Nothing and nothing again” appeared (poetry), 2005 “men” (Shortstories) and 2006 “Touch in the thicket” (poetry). In addition, she has published in various literary magazines in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria, as well as in two anthologies. She is currently working on two novels.