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  • Monumental Madrid

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    Sep 21

    In Madrid there is a multitude of monuments due to its history can be found an artistic architecture full of contributions of the Arabs and Catholic Kings offer. For even more opinions, read materials from Marko Dimitrijevic Author. Puerta Sol this monument is one of the most famous sites of the city in a meeting place for many Madrilenos. Here are the mythical symbols of Madrid as the famous bear and the Madrono. This bronze statue was built in 1967 and is the symbol that appears on the Madrid coat. In this square there is also another important statue of King Carlos III on horseback. Source of the Cibeles this magnificent fountain represents the goddess of the fertility of the Earth and is located in one of the most beautiful squares in the world. From the Cibeles you can enjoy beautiful views of the surroundings of the capital such as the view of the Paseo del prado.

    This Palace Royal Palace has always been home to the Kings of Spain, from Carlos III to Alfonso XIII. Today you can visit the Palace and we can enjoy the gardens of Moro, the central courtyard and the exquisite details of the facades. Plaza Mayor Es the main square in the heart of the city where today many festivities, concerts and exhibitions are held. It was built in 1619 with a rectangular shape surrounded by buildings of three floors with several balconies. Also in this square many restaurants and shops are placed as the House of the bakery.

    The Temple of Debod El Temple Egypt is surrounded by water and is probably the most particular monument in Madrid. At dusk, this site has a beautiful panorama of the capital, a true jewel of the city. Puerta de Alcala gate is another mythical symbol of the capital next to the famous bear and the Madrono. It is situated next to the beautiful park of the buen retiro and serves as a connection between the main streets of Madrid. Cathedral de La Almudena this building is a true spectacle with a mixture of various styles of architecture. The outside has the composition neoclassical while the interior has a neo-Gothic touch. This Cathedral was the first in Spain to be consecrated by the Pope. It is situated to the center of the city and is another place that does not You should miss. Madrid is a city full of art and history. In this city you have the possibility of seeing some of the most beautiful monuments of Europe. If you want to go on holiday this summer, Madrid is a perfect place. It is recommended to book a hotel in Madrid near the Center to enjoy all the best tourist sites. Miguel Vicente is an author tour. He writes about the hotels in madrid. He has found a good hotel in madrid for your next trip.