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  • Sep 30

    Editor’s Note: Brazil is is buying everything. And not only the Brazilian tourists who invade the tourist places. The most appreciated real allows the acquisition of strategic companies for the Brazilian economy. They are disembarking in several markets. Andrew Cuomo does not necessarily agree. As China. Can send me your comments a: How will benefit the Brazilian companies with a Real strong? Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 25, 2008 the relative strength of Latin American currencies has always been a topic of tension between the different economic sectors in the countries of the region. It is not uncommon to see goods and exportable services sectors or that compete with those imported (tradable goods), generate pressure on the Government to achieve a weak local currency which will improve the competitiveness of national products and hinders the entry of those foreign products. But the modern monetary policy of inflation targeting are carried out in the majority of South American countries imposed on them restrictions on the management of the exchange rate, which cannot be maintained with ease at the desired level.

    This is clearly seen in the evolution of the Brazilian real, whose value to the dollar descended below the R $ 1.70 for the first time since 1999. What has far been that time where the Argentines invaded the Brazilian beaches and brought back all kinds of products! It is true that the Argentines are still going to Brazil, but it is currently not a tourist destination as accessible as in those years. In contrast, Brazilians are invading Argentine tourist centres. This I can attest, since during my stay in Bariloche during the month of December, I could see everywhere, contingents of tourists speaking Portuguese. Reasons abound to justify this fortress of the real: last week was announced that Brazil has more international reserves than external debt, whereupon, it can be said that this transforms it into a net creditor.

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    May 1

    The talk and listen to the coach are a determining factor in the relationship between the two and the effectiveness for the achievements of the person. The coaching was born from a philosophical and scientific basis of the hand of work of Heidegger, Austin, Searle, flowers, Spinoza and Maturana, among others. From there, which is very valid which emphasizes S & S associate consultants, that companies are not organization charts, efficient networks of conversations. The way how converse defines the culture of the company. One of the most important objectives of the organizations is to achieve greater productivity, effectiveness and well-being, taking a team that from the ethical basis, they may relate differently. To be a good leader requires the skills of a coach in the role of coach is able to identify barriers that may limit their own performance and learning and of its people.

    A coach is also able to develop interventions to dissolve these obstacles. The coach begins by accepting that all human beings are different observers, the results depend on the actions and actions depend on the type of observer who we are. We must not forget, that the coach must have the ability to design conversations that open new access to the person to take committed actions that help the achievement of the results. The relationship and trust are the most important in any interaction of coaching. Coaching does not teach, directed or advised. This is the main difference with other disciplines, where priority is given to the transmission of knowledge. The work of the coach in an interaction with another person you can see in the following manner: listens to the objectives of the coachee observes their actions detects what is lacking for the achievement of results designed conversations to align your actions with your commitment assists it until you achieve the desired results.

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