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    Jan 30

    a It did not seem to suffer too, although the nights spent in vigil believed sobbing as many names as necessary to assuage the pain of hip and torpor of this city that, contrary to his desire, had been growing almost from scratch and now cursing just as Sodom and Gomorrah between rosary and rosary, contenting himself with watching the flocks of pigeons or parakeets through the window, and that violent blue blood he burned them and caused a flood of memories that suddenly invaded to shake the breath and become almost liquid eyes The weight of years almost nothing, as if it never reached the twilight of the day that arrived with the back ground of the journey through the mountains, in that old bus, with only a small leather suitcase which clung wildly as he crossed the dark reaches of the market due to the esplanade of the park, opposite the church, watching every step with eyes wide the frenetic movement of the city of farmers in the coastal Guanacaste and Chinese traders who came from Canton and Shanghai during the years after the war in transit to the San Francisco that many never see, instead letting hundreds of shoots propagated from those lands nice and almost monsoon weather, year after year, modeled after the fashion of the Son of Heaven. And she, having come against their own forecasts for six decades, could not believe that twist of fate, this return, that deep within itself, meant to revive the most of her pain.

    However, the impression that he was changing his arrival, nothing was like in their memories and somehow, the fun of Chinese people that every morning talking from corner to corner, each in his own business, relaxing, feeling safer among walls imaginary, free at last, letting the girl who had never ceased to be run between the rice fields or to play hide and seek in the whiteness of the cotton fields surrounding what a hundred years ago was a small village with embers of the Spanish colony established at the edge of the reeds of the river, and which, in spite of the disbelief of the locals, suddenly appeared and then a church school, built by German missionaries with large rooms and typical Germanic finished with an atrium the entrance and a small stage at the bottom, where then, the founding executive marches and waltzes on the piano brought from Hamburg in slow journey.

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