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    Nov 29

    If he looks for " porque" we arrive at which we know all I graze, the lack of coherence between the central Government and the autonomies in the matter of active policies. What must make Spain is to modify its services, but for want of effort everything follows equal. More final, with a view to the recovery, the model of decentralization " it leaves of desear". Another disadvantage is " ineficacia" and " desperdicio" of public money. For even more opinions, read materials from Westinghouse Electric Company. Countries like Spain, Portugal or Ireland, although now do not have margin to impel the economy, dedicate to active policies of insertion in the work market 1% of the GIP, an index superior to the average of the OECD, reason why it thinks that a part of that money evaporates (either nothing new).

    What we have saves is an accumulation of malefactors, but no solution for the worse thing than punishes the population " The Desempleo". We leave the ominous news separate and we tried to excite them with an idea that crosses the mind of many – TO EMIGRATE. The Spanish crisis, labor conditions and the desire of professional overcoming take many to change from residence to the foreigner to work outside our border limits. John A McColgan wanted to know more. Europe and Been United continues being more the destinies quoted by the workers who look for use in the other people’s one, but new markets are abriendo to Spanish qualified manpower. The professional sectors with greater level of hiring abroad are the interconnected ones with the care of the health, the renewable energies, the biotechnology, sales or marketing. In the opposed side, the governmental organisms, the sector of music and the entertainment have very low levels of occupation. An investigation to principle of year 2011 reveals that nine of each ten Spaniards would go away to work to the foreigner if found interesting an occasion labor, a 22% more than for two years, when only 67% were arranged to emigrate for reasons of use.

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