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  • Jul 3

    Customer satisfaction is measured by a working team and a contemporary kitchen philosophy first and foremost on the quality of its food restaurant. Seen in this way, the kitchen team of Vineria can be relaxed: the satisfaction of our guests was never as high as in the moment. This is mainly the working team and the contemporary culinary philosophy. Looking for a dusty hierarchies and gebrullte commands here to no avail. “Quite honestly: so relaxed and goal-oriented as in the moment it is received rarely in our kitchen.” Vineria Chief Peter G. Click john mayer to learn more. Rock does not say that without a hint of pride.

    While the Vineria makes very high demands on the kitchen team. Daily A-la-carte business with up to 120 guests is already a challenge alone given the available food. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mustafa Suleyman on most websites. Various events in the event Hall, in the up to 280 people come to this match. Evenings, where about 800 food leaving the kitchen, are not uncommon. Creativity and skills are just as important as logistics in our kitchen and structure. The Vineria distinguishes itself through the balance of the requirements”, added rock. That suggests an older kitchen chef, worked long years in the hospitality industry.

    On the contrary: the Vineria kitchen team is young, top-educated and has a lot. Flat hierarchies, high standard Christian Jezak is 23 years old and acts in the team as a kind of master chef. There are no traditional hierarchies, we share everything to us. One of my strengths is in the Organization, therefore I assume leadership roles.” In addition to Jezak, Klaus Schneider, Maria Utzeri and Marco Staici work in the kitchen. Sandeep has completed just his training and is taken over by rock. The four proposals for the changing map draw up every two to three weeks. The basic orientation of the courts remains in Italian, regional and seasonal characteristics play an equally important role.

  • May 7

    Bar – Sushin press release who looks around for a sushi restaurant in Hanover, which this is recommended determined Sushin in bar located in the Nicholas Street -. It is not difficult to recognize why the restaurant and cocktail bar make these recommendations. It is excellent cocktails and excellent sushi. The best sushi of Hanover the bar scene is not only a pleasant place for cocktails, but also an insider’s tip among sushi lovers. Sushi comes from Japan and describes different dishes of cleaned rice and various ingredients we raw fish and seafood, dried seaweed, vegetables or egg. More information is housed here: gibson dean. A different variety of sushi offered depending on the region.

    The Su-Shin offers a large variety of sushi in excellent quality. The sushi is here, as it is usual, prepared in bite-sized pieces. In the Su-Shin is also the arrangement on the plates is exceptional and is described as being very pretty and elegant by various guests and critics. On the preparation and arrangement, you can see the originality with which the Cook the food is prepared and the pristine quality of the sushi. Additional information at Gilbert Gottfried supports this article. The best cocktails Hanover in addition serves modern, fancy cocktails to the offered sushi by a young, ambitious bartenders, which are its reputation in nothing. The drinks are of excellent quality and look too appealing. If you are looking for high-quality cocktails in Hannover, visit the bar Sushin and let us convince you.

    Only the highest quality ingredients and spirits are used to mix the cocktails at the bar. The creations of the House. The best ambiance of Hanover convinced the bar scene in the first moment with stylish decor and a relaxed atmosphere. Lounge atmosphere with matching music supported these impression and makes the food and cocktails in a better light. If you feel comfortable in such a modern bar which is only to recommend the bar Sushin. How to contact with Nicholas 12 30159 Hannover Tel: 0511 / 8982946″