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    Feb 1

    Although in this area they have some of the highest rates in the country. They went even further, now operates the system dispatch at a fairly high level. That is not enough that they have established metering, they are still trying to make a single system that allows for the collection of data in real time: on consumption energy of the crash that occurred at the sites. All this allows to quickly learn about accidents, prevent crashes. – Due to what appeared in the Sverdlovsk region’s leaders? – These issues need to be addressed, develop programs at the federal level to justify their usefulness.

    Looking for economic calculations – a system to automate the system after. They could have proved. In Novosibirsk, the problems of automation while virtually no solved. – What about a regional energy efficiency program? – In the Novosibirsk region, and special programs. In this case, the declared purpose – efficient use of energy. But our country is now more gives emphasis on the installation of metering of heat from consumers and the majority of energy efficiency programs, including ours, Novosibirsk, aimed at precisely that. However, counter – a simple check that you consumed. No energy savings, he does not.

    Yes, the design load (volume of the building multiplied by the difference in temperature) differs from the real consumption of 30 percent. That is, there are financial savings for the specific consumer, but there is no energy savings. Energy savings provides process automation, which allows you to adjust the required amount of heat (by pumps, temperature sensors, controllers).