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    Jun 7

    During the seal with tape ensures that all doors are closed. Council 9. Stacks books inside boxes, so that their backs are protected and filled empty spaces with packing paper. Council 10. It uses a lot of paper to pack dishes and glassware.

    Place a layer of packing paper inside the upper and lower part of the boxes. Wrap each dish and glass separately and dampens everything with corrugated paper. Council 11. It tends clothes and curtains in wardrobe cartons. Council 12. Pack lamps and lampshades in individual boxes. For this purpose you can use paper and clothing to fill the empty spaces.

    Council 13. Mirrors and pictures with paper. Place them in packages of special mirrors or large boxes. Storage Council 1. Save items you need most often in the front of the unit. 2.Siempre Council seeks to leave an aisle so you can walk inside the minibodega. Council 3. If possible, do not place boxes directly on the floor, used platforms to let circulate the air around and below the elements. 4. Council boards, tables and sofas and legs put them at the end to save space. Council 5.Las old photos tend to bend over time so to keep them in good condition, place them between two pieces of cardboard and put them on tape. Council 6.Drena gasoline and oil from lawnmowers and other items with small engines. Council 7. Drugs, weapons fire, live animals, perishables, liquids, explosives, flammable and combustible, as well as toxic materials or other items that need a controlled environment are among the things that should not be stored. Council 8. USA bags for storing shovels and rakes. Council 9. Mattresses should cover and store on a flat surface. Council 10. Use protective covers and treats wood surfaces before storing them. Council 11. Clean all metal surfaces with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil. Council 12. Put blankets, curtains, and clothes on a hanger. Council 13. It uses high locks quality of your unit. Council 14. Always use the climate control for moisture sensitive products.

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