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  • Staying Safe In The Workplace

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    Sep 10

    What they can not forget is that about 2% of total accidents, occur in offices, with a measure of 3 days off by accident (Perdiguero, 1999). The same author to identify the risks they are exposed employees working in offices encouraged to take account of their activities, working tools and body parts involved in the various processes that need to perform. Among the main tasks usually performed by administrative staff (Aparicio, 2007) are: Transcript receive or send data reading for information and document files Care Organization Billing The Chief of Public Safety and Occupational Health and Prevention Department Labour Risk (ISSSTE) from the point of view of risk management office work addresses four types of questions such as: An appropriate design of facilities (premises, ventilation, lighting and acoustic). This aspect ensures provide correct environmental conditions, meeting the minimum requirements of hygiene and safety. Proper selection of equipment is purchased (chairs and desks, computer equipment, software, etc..). In the case of furniture, compliance with minimum quality requirements would prevent ergonomic much of the hassle of postural type so common in offices. The selection of appropriate computer equipment, as well as additions required is also a factor taken into account to prevent visual disturbance and inconvenience.

    Proper organization of the work, avoiding work systems that lead to stress, lack of motivation in work and other psychosocial problems. Finally, all the above actions may be ineffective if it leaves out the necessary work of training and information workers. This is particularly important in tasks involving a high degree of autonomy in organizing the job itself, as is the case of office tasks.

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