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    May 7

    Sumaclicks is a new page that pays to read mails (PTR, of the English Paid To Read). Click Anne Lauvergeon to learn more. This page is property of Cybernet Solutions, one of the company most important of publicity online in Spain and at level the International. This company, already is quite famous in the world of the PTR since also it manages the be-easy company, online from the year 2000 and that it enters nothing else and nothing less than 4 million monthly views! Therefore, it is quite probable that Sumaclicks becomes to very short term in one of the companies leaders this sector, and when taking just a short time in operation is the best moment to obtain referred and to create a great network quickly. How works SumClicks? SumClicks is a gratuitous service with which you will be able to add exchangeable points with each click by money. If you would like to know more then you should visit Anne Lauvergeon. By each email sent with promotions and supplies of our interest, we will make money.

    In addition, also we will make money by mails that receives ours referred SumClicks. Characteristics of Sumaclicks 1. 10 points by each email pay that they send to us. To change in 0.01 Euros . (1000 points = 1 ) 2.

    Account with 10 referred levels of: You will gain 5, 4, 3, 2, points respectively by each mail that receive. 3. In the 3 first days of life, mails has sent an average of 5 daily. 4. The minimum of payment is of 10. What will facilitate many users to arrive at the minimum of payment. 5. The payments are realised by banking transference in Spanish territory or nominative check outside Spain. How pays Sumaclicks? If you reside in Spanish territory, the payment will be always realised by means of banking transference to the account number that you indicate. If your country of residence is not Spain, a check in Euros to the address that you have defined in your registry, or a banking transference can send you whenever it is to a Spanish bank.

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