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    Feb 4

    Send SMS free and anonymously, requires that the sender is a free program to send the text message to a phone. Often, these services are offered online where featured type of sender of the message and the cell phone number to send the message. Some companies may require the issuer to submit your own name or number, while others have an option of sending anonymous SMS. When an issuer uses a service online to send an SMS message, the message is completely free of charge. Messages can be sent from a computer without having to pay the cost of sending text messages as you do from your own phone.

    Those whose phones charge per message or have a monthly limit of text messages will find this little help to save money, but it only works when you can have access to a computer. If the message receiver has no plan of messaging unlimited or free input, you will be charged the cost of the text messages, although the sender pays nothing. Typically, sites that send anonymous SMS messages ask for the recipient’s name, the message itself, the recipient’s phone number, and your cell phone company. The message is limited to a certain number of characters, as well as free text messages sent from a cell phone. The message either from an unknown or private number, or you may receive a list of information on the web site from which the message was sent. While sending anonymous messages SMS from a computer reduces costs and allows a person to even send text messages but has a phone, but just this way to send free text messages has several drawbacks.

    The person who receives the text might pay for it. If the sender only needs to send a short message, so this method does work very well. If the sender would like to have a conversation, however, he cannot receive any response since it has no phone to receive messages. Another drawback may be the abuse of the system to send messages, some people use it to send offensive or harass someone without knowing the person of where or who comes from the message. Some operators have services of anonymous SMS where you can send messages and make it appear to come from another number or person. If a person constantly receive messages like this, you should check with the actual person to ensure that it is not sending the messages and then inform your cell phone company. If the message has a number or specific address attached, the company can block this number. If not, the company may be able to block messages private or unknown, so insulting messages never reach their destination.

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