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    Aug 28

    Sure, many know of the existence of various search engines (yandex, mail, rambler, etc.), directories and other resources of this type. Certainly, almost every user faced with various challenges in finding the right information or data. That is too vague wording, the issue of a huge number of links. Of course, there are still many other problems, but the meaning, I think, is clear. You wonder how can I do to be issued only relevant links. I've been thought. It is a pity that the computer can not understand the meaning of the phrase. Alas, usually with the right information gives away a lot of unnecessary, because is searched for similar words in saytah.V what is my idea? You can try to create organization to seek information (either alone or with friends and partners), which will conduct a search for a specific user.

    Many may say that there are similar services on the search engines themselves. But I I think this is an attractive occupation for several reasons: 1. Organization can not exist only on the Internet, but also in life. Perhaps the information they want to get people quite new to computers and the Internet. Make girth offline business in this market share: try to advertise through a friend and serve ads in newspapers, etc.

    Do not strive to get all at once. Let it be a little bit, but steadily. 2. Your business may be serious enough firm specializing in a particular form of information and having access to different databases. Today, these services are specialized and different subjects: law, statistics, taxation, etc. They provide a fresh and important information for a summu.Kak example, cite and zakon.kuban.ru. They sell the latest information (the first site news, the second – the laws). They take a fee for access to some time. Also has a forum, the various surveys and research and support services. 3. You need to clearly define the audience, to create a good website. Then the project must be improved. What does it include? In addition to updating information and issues to do an informative and user-friendly design, optimize your site for search engines, must gradually emerge and improve services. Touch on hot topics, take orders, conduct research, and can put it on its feet. If your multi-faceted resource, are advised to make several departments in the organization. Let each person is responsible for one area (specialization). Hence it appears professional and trust klientov.Sozdayte brand, which will differ from others, always place it in the same meste.Eto everything that I wanted to tell. I hope this article helps in the difficult path. Good luck!

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