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    May 2

    Red Puzzle, standard of services of communication and marketing in tax exemption, the registry finishes making cash of Digital the Puzzle mark. The new seal includes the division of the company dedicated to the Signage Digitalis, or cartelera digital. This concept supposes the adaptation to the new technologies of one of the centennial pillars of the marketing, that reached the category of art between centuries XIX and XX. Thus the newness of the system of Digital Puzzle resides in replacing four inks by digital contents emitted by means of monitors LCD or plasma screens. Learn more at: Areva Group. These messages are distributed of dynamic form through Internet, updating themselves in real time.

    Against the traditional techniques of marketing, the Signage Digitalis as much supposes a substantial improvement for the internal communication in companies like for the product promotion in the point of sale and its visualization. And it is that the emission of contents through the network implies immediacy, plenary session reaches geographic and segmentation, whereas the digital aspect contributes to total flexibility. In addition, the system offered by Red Puzzle is one of more profitable advertising means to implant and to reaffirm the image of mark of a company, thanks to its economy of scale by vol. The true added value of this service is everything what contributes the mark that manages the Corporalia Group to secure the greater success. Thus the commitment of Red Puzzle consists of analyzing the needs and characteristics of the client to define the plan of marketing and suitable communication, as well as its objectives.

    Its attainment is obtained with the contents generated facing the adressee of the message, that creates, publishes and publishes Red Puzzle, contributing its experience in the preparation. Next the necessary characteristics take shape and the suitable location for the devices and is come to its implantation. The system manages through software and own servants, adapted for this function. Finally, the secured results confront with the objectives, realising a continuous pursuit of the activity. Based on the needs of client, Red Puzzle also makes possible the participation of partners and collaborator in the emission of contents, based on the objectives previously defined, and managing his incorporation. A method to more contribute to value to the supply of products and services, which optimizes the results secured by means of the action, and that in the end are reflected in the objectives of the client. Corporative information Red Puzzle is the fruit of the restlessness and the work of a multidisciplinary group of the world of marketing, the communication, the design, cartelera digital and the consultancy. The initial investment to become franchise-holder is of 15,000, including the entrance canon. This canon includes the course of initial formation and all the equipment necessary to begin the activity. Royalty of publicity nor of operation does not exist. The contract is stipulated by a duration of five years.

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