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  • Nintendo GameCube

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    Jul 11

    It’s funny how the world works: Nintendo asked help Sony to develop a reader of CD for the Super Nintendo, but there was no communication and the project ended. Sony, Nintendo’s learning how to make consoles, decided to build one on its own. Later, the second PlayStation defeated the Nintendo GameCube with the hands tied behind the back, so it was believed that Wii would have no chance against PS3, but the reality is different. The third console from Sony, PlayStation 3, was launched with a control called Sixaxis, which has a limited motion sensor in six axes (hence its name) which adds new features. Subsequently launched the DualShock 3, third generation of the controls introduced with the original PlayStation.PlayStation 3 suffered from a vicious circle: not sold consoles because ($599) were very expensive, developers ceased to create exclusive games because as there is an installed base of platforms, nobody bought their games so they published them titles on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Both systems had the same games, users preferred to buy Xbox 360 because it was cheaper.On the verge of losing everything, Sony had to restructure itself internally and one of the consequences of this restructuring was a change of vision in the entertainment division, so bizarre and controversial promotional campaign for PlayStation 3 was changed to something more grounded with what players could identify.To see that Nintendo did very well with its control with motion sensor, Sony decided to follow in his footsteps and put on the market the PlayStation Move, a command that is very similar to the Wii Remote. With graphics in high definition, game online, a reasonable price and a control with motion sensor, PlayStation 3 is becoming increasingly a better option.

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