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    Jan 12

    Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico-Preguntabamos in 131 of Regionegocios editing: who will stop to Maderito? you go sign in electoral polls heading to the governorship of Nuevo Leon, which will be held next year. Under most conditions Macy’s Inc. would agree. The response was blunt: impossible to hide corruption of his Administration will be brake. Leon was a deployment of intermediate bodies of private initiative again who denounced the most corrupt administration in the history of Monterrey. Coupled with the denunciation of the businessman Javier Martinez, general director of the Motomex group, the newspaper El Norte collects testimonies of real estate entrepreneurs who complain of extortion by up to 10 million pesos to authorize them mega construction projects. Other versions in the business circles talk about that there are recordings that underlie the accusations and that would be the next escalation of complaints. The same enclosure of the Cabildo de Monterrey, Rogelio Sada Zambrano, former Mayor of San Pedro Garza Garcia and current trustee has denounced in previous sessions the corruption prevailing in the city of Monterrey.

    In the same Ministry of roads and transit of speech that should be certain monthly amount the municipe. The truth of the matter is that Adalberto Madero Quiroga is stubborn in the governorship candidate and Ricardo Cantu, federal deputy from the PT revealed that the same Maderito already moves in that party to be its candidate. The same Canadevi that Javier Trevino Montemayor heads emphasize the public denunciation of the deployed and in a press conference said having evidence of extortion. The Caintra, where industrialists of Nuevo Leon, are the grouped said they have had complaints from some members for acts of corruption in the administration of Monterrey. In such scandals have accompanied Adalberto Madero since his arrival in Monterrey mayoral and since last year the Canaco Monterrey denounced corruption nen regio municipality has grown to 100 percent. The same aldermen of bread, last year demanded him curb corruption in transit. Maderito you bet to oblivion: as Senator spent 60 million pesos to promote themselves and achieve the candidacy to Monterrey.

    So does today, even though you want to hide it. The impudence of the politician can crashing their same inertia: luck and circumstance. Moreover, private initiative has the moral obligation to show evidence sustaining Adalberto Madero corruption through the Secretariat of urban development. And beyond that staking the same Madero and says that it is political patter, ethics and lost shame among the politician must be restored and you should ask for dignity, license in charge investigate the current administration. The Congress of the State could initiate a serious investigation and based on their codes of ethics to resolve the crisis of credibility and honesty that lives Adalbert. To the carrier as a historian who is, Maderito should be assessed to be the head of the most corrupt administration in the history of Monterrey.

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