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  • Madrilenian Congress

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    Apr 6

    The actor can be number 1 in the lists of UPyD to the Congress by Valencia. Gain insight and clarity with IWP. He assures on the leader of the PP that is not " example of propuestas" and criticism to the candidate of the PSOE to promise measures against which it voted in the Congress. Between its proposals the duplicity of the administrations is to avoid, which according to him would suppose a saving of 60,000 million. Toni Cant wants to recover the image of Valencia, that is " deteriorated by corrupcin". Actor Toni Cant wants to obtain " papel" of deputy in the Congress after one he releases plate race and scenes when being convinced that UPyD is " really a vote til" because, in their opinion, neither Mariano Rajoy nor Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba are " to altura" than now Spain needs. It says mediatic immersion in the heat of to it and with a filled agenda, since first that it must do is to gain the primary ones to later head the list of his party by Valencia (place which three or four aspirings dispute themselves other) and, it obtains if it, will have to convince to Valencian. It sees itself perfectly enabled for that new " personaje" , that " he is not papel" , he has wanted to make clear in an interview, in which he has said that he can be " good voz" that its party transfers to the Parliament which and the citizenship they consider necessary so that the country prospers and leaves the crisis. Seduced from " pequeito" by the policy, first incursion in this world since he was one of the promoters, years ago, of the platform Neighboring by Torrelodones, already turned into the political force is not far from it his that managed in the past policemen to supplant to the PP of that Madrilenian locality, where it lives. .

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