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  • Humpbacked Horse

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    Jun 20

    er, litter – the idea of insanity, are quoted, I called the "Blue Dream Idiot. " I even wanted to entitle this article …. That's the same shit! Hell – because Sia "trick", like a jack-the-box suddenly pops up in communication on promoting real estate us – the customer in this same client. We must put quotation marks – "client", because, of course, the client is, of course, be and can not, and will not … for us – so just will not. This is a potential victim of "middlemen and pass." It looks like this. In one a beautiful moment when clear evidence and the harsh realities of commercial real estate sales techniques are beginning to reach a "Wani-to-oven-type client-owner", he wakes up a little, and something in his scratching, gives on-mountain dream come true that very phrase that word for word the same in all of these guys and it sounds: "And let me sell you my object, I'll pay you later?" I was once discouraged, I do not understand this degree of primitivism (This that cultural indicate politely) and stupidity (and it is – to concretely and honestly) quite often occur in the so-called "real estate business." Now I'm in a similar situation, after a yawn, cute saying, "I see …" and safely remove the number from the directory of the phone immediately. A substantive discussion here is possible except on the subject of weather … but better – Gold Fish or Humpbacked Horse … Or – no! Politics, women, sports, and alcohol withdrawal syndrome – the most it will be.

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