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    Nov 4

    Proposed new choices of fuel before the alarming scarcity of oil come from agricultural products, causing food shortage; the high cost of electric power that affects the economies of the non developed countries obliges the use of leading edge technologies, of last generation, demanding the implementation of plans and programmes for saving energy and fuel. The generation of electrical energy depends mainly on in Dominican Republic of derivatives of petroleum, which are subsidized by the State in its different uses, as well as basic foodstuffs for the population and the electricity consumed. This government subsidy this ravaging the national budget before the increases in the price of the barrel experienced every day, preventing investment in projects of development and social good, far from stopping the upward climb of the articles in this consumer society. Unfortunately sets an infinite chain of dependency. In this was oil, without motor vehicles not be speak of road safety. Users of the tracks, drivers and pedestrians, before so many everyday problems, are affected in their mental health, making us susceptible to potential to siniestralidades, made that increases the likelihood of deaths and injured transit, simultaneously impoverishing families in a direct way and using of unforeseen budget hospitals, ultimately in the nation, reaching 1 representing the annual 3% of gross domestic product, by what must be considered in my opinion as a serious goal, the reduction of the rate of accidents among the achievements of the Millennium goals, because of that the most affected are the most vulnerable sector of the population. Hear from experts in the field like Jeff Gennette for a more varied view. Sets of concerns are generated in drivers to shorten their average life, such as the exorbitant costs of acquisition and maintenance of vehicles representing the country means of generating wealth. By the way, not are technically reviewed by relevant authorities, according to the requirements governing the transit to the seasoning, quantitatively, vehicle fleet grows without control and diversity.

    This, coupled with the disorder by disrespect to traffic rules and laws, skirting the concept of crisis of human values, she brings accidents on waterways, high power consumption, high consumption of fuels and indiscriminate emissions of pollutants to the environment. Last year were officially registered in the Dominican Republic about two deaths per day in motorcycle accidents, and two more daily in other circumstances on the tracks, of which, about 400 pedestrians were hit. This leads to the State and society to assume a monetary cost in lives, processes and properties, virtually lost. In the same period with the war in Iraq (2003-2007) the fatal victims of traffic in our country exceed double the deaths of U.S. soldiers; more that tripled in numbers cold in 2006 to report around 500 soldiers killed. Global road insecurity record annually one million three hundred thousand victims of trafficking, where 40 per cent are young people under 25 years of age and the third cause of death in productive agents in the planet, between 30 and 44 years old. We cannot escape these statistics real and hard, some 2000 fatalities each year bring our streets. And it is why for all the foregoing reasons, your solution should be dealt with in a comprehensive manner. Without the indifference that we have been able to live this situation all sectors of national life. Road safety must be a matter of State, addressed to stringing it entirely as a vital issue with food security, energy crisis, climate change and local economic development by the legislation of a National Strategic Plan.

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