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  • Development Of Chats In RuNet

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    Aug 18

    The first chat in RuNet appeared in 1996. They were located on servers in the U.S. and Germany, and hung out there almost exclusively to our former compatriots. But as time went on and replaced them were born and grew up a generation strictly Russian chat resources. Initially, the audience consisted mainly chats of our student-techies in half with secretaries and buhgaltershami steep Russian companies had access to the network. The percentage of Russian-speaking people, having Freestuff connection is great and to this day, but development was not only extensively: in recent years chatlan composition has changed significantly.

    Rapidly decreasing percentage chatlan with higher education, and just intellectually developed. One way or another, interest chatlan certain social categories are either practically coincided with the corresponding percent in real, or at least aspire to this. Rapidly evolving communication technologies. Over the past few years has considerably increased the speed of Internet connections, as well as increased quantity and quality of web resources. How long have sought in the network rather nice chat. Most chat rooms built on a page displaying html messages left in the past.

    One of the first in RuNet chats created by the new technology is falsh chat Yeh.RU and has a great number of advantages compared with html, php chat – this is prudent use of resources: minimal traffic, high speed response chatlan post in milliseconds (communication in real time), to transmit not only text messages, but also Pictures! flash chat Yeh.RU – a unique 1st dating chat with a complete HIGH-END communication system. Many thematic rooms for socializing. Every chat has its own internal mail, share photos, guestbook, mode private communication, ignore, rating and other features. To date, it remains one of the best and most unique chat Runet.

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