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    Feb 1

    So that won’t believe you, piece of dreamer, dreamer Socialist or humanist thousand boys, that they ask you permission to live, in the same way that you would not do it, even if it does not respond to the laws of this world and us talk of idealism or belief. You will not believe that they voluntarily menguaran to make you shine like a magnificent Sun in a new and never fought planetary system. That they will go and stop him. That you feneceran so that you born. What are slaughtered so that you live, because you are better and more beautiful.

    By all the gods! Life itself, in its surviving essence, not applicable as well, with so much innaturalidad. The USA are a living being, if didn’t it, with basic trends such as whole life, and basically selfish, esquilmantes, expropiantes, territorialistas, slave, animal in the jungle at the end, where the law of the strongest is gene. But animal life beyond the animality itself, as it has been the historical human condition, shredder of worlds: so much more the more defined in the ideological condition of expoliante capitalism, which leads them more There’s the instintualidad and keep. Because you know a jungle animal does not end with its environment, does not pollute up over not being able to, does not destroy a single track that you can eat, does not kill others further than the necessity and survival because you’ve seen it: is as if they wanted to be unique on the planet species, and planet destroyed by herselfready in his bestiality technology for starting to devour itself. Such are the projections of such unusual species at the helm of the planet Earth. They demonstrated this with Iraq. They invaded and point, without UN or other eight rooms, as they say, without asking Council to you or an Iraqi.

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