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    Jul 1

    The Deep one foresees that the production industrial of U.S.A. it goes to fall colossal 2.8% this year. In contrast of most of the economists who are foreseeing recovery in as the semester, the FMI does not wait improvement some before 2010 middle. exactly it calculates there that the growth will be of anmicos 1.5%. On the other hand, the Cabinet of the Budget of the Congress of U.S.A. foresees a growth of 4% in 2010. Meanwhile, the economy of the zone of euro must have contraction of 4,2% this year and 0,4% in 2010, according to FMI, criticizing the block in relation to the weak public answers and coordination. According to Deep, the contraction must be ' ' particularly severa' ' in Ireland and ' ' sufficiently severa' ' in Great-Britain and that the unemployment in developed European economies must increase around 10% in the 2009 end and continue speeding up until 2011.Em Asia, the FMI it esteem that the contraction of Japan must be gone deep more than previously imagined, while the Chinese economy tends to grow in a slower rhythm.

    The Deep wait that the Japanese production falls 6.2% in 2009, very worse forecast that the esteem decline of 2,6% in January. For China, the Deep one reduced the forecast of growth in 2009 for 6,5%, before 6,7%, tax equivalent to half of the registered one in 2007 and well below of registered 9% in the last year. Sobrou for the banks Latin-americanosO prolongation of the world-wide contraction threat to even create significant risks for banks that today seem solid and had been even though contaminated by the reliable crisis that shook the financial sector in the advanced countries, said the director-controlling of Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI), Dominique Strauss-Kahn.' ' Latin America does not have a banking crisis today, but financeira&#039 has a crisis; ' , Strauss-Kahn in the afternoon of tuesday, interview to the Value and others said three Latin American periodicals. .

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